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If you’re asking yourself:

  • Why are my ads not getting the results they used to?
  • Can I use influencers to stand out from my competition?
  • How do I find the perfect influencers for my business?
  • How do I use influencers to quickly increase my sales?

No matter where you currently are in your journey as a business, the next best step you can take right now is to book a call with us.

Our team will recommend a custom strategy to fill the gaps in your marketing NOW so they stop costing you precious time and money.

Imagine having to pause a campaign until you can hire more employees because you can’t keep up with the
demand, like Blaine Hitzfield from Seven Sons Farm…

“We’ve experienced an average of 38% growth, garnered 1.7M+ organic impressions and 1,950+ clicks. We actually had to pause it at one point because we couldn’t hire fast enough. The increased demand ended up generating 20 new jobs on the farm in just 6 months.”

Get Hyped has a proven 7-year track record of creating reliable, year-over-year growth for lifestyle brands.



  • 2.1M+ organic impressions.
  • 4,816+ link clicks
  • 234K+ engagements

lilyana naturals


  • 1.2M+ organic impressions on Instagram
  • 2,321+ leads to Amazon storefront

“August through October, we saw a tremendous year-over-year increase each month. Monthly growth was so high that I didn’t know how we’d keep up with it!”

- John Speights

Founder, Cooper’s
Cask Coffee

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