Facts Tell,

Stories Sell

For millennia humans have been conveying information through stories, which is why it’s still the most compelling way to get and keep people’s attention online.

Our brains love a good narrative because, when told correctly, stories draw us in, peak our curiosity and hold our attention.

Here at Get Hyped, we’ve mastered the art of storytelling and elevated it into storyselling: Harnessing the primal and innate power of storytelling to overcome buyer’s objections and natural aversion to anything resembling traditional ads.

Our story started back in 2015...

Unlike most digital marketers, Dan Coughlin has a degree in Electrical Engineering from Penn State and engineered nuclear submarines for the US Navy, before eventually becoming Vice President for a US Navy Supplier.

During that time Dan’s wife, Kristina, was hustling on the side as an Instagram influencer in the foodie niche.

Dan and Kristina saw first hand how lousy most brand partnerships are presented. Many brands who approached Kristina for a partnership struggled to effectively communicate their marketing goals. They simply did not understand how to work with influencers to get results.

Together they saw an incredible opportunity to combine Dan’s results-driven engineering background with Kristina’s experience as an influencer and create a new marketing system designed to deliver results for consumer brands.

Together in 2016, Dan & Kristina founded Get Hyped

Get Hyped is a full-stack influencer marketing agency empowering honest brands to grow exponentially by partnering with the right social media creators and creating content that actually converts.

Unlike other agencies, we’re focused on one thing, and one thing only: Delivering high-touch, premium, done-for-you influencer marketing campaigns that are driven by performance data.

Since Get Hyped was founded in 2016, Dan and his team have helped dozens of brands drastically increase their marketing ROI with strategic influencer partnerships on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. Collectively Get Hyped has earned over 100 million organic impressions and 10 million social media engagements for our clients to date.

Where We Tell Stories

Used the most by Millennials and more popular among women. Often used by mid to high-income level users. Posts allow engaging videos and photos with a caption. Hashtags allow for content to be more searchable. Stories and Reels features enable sharing of scroll-stopping video content. And the IG Shop allows for purchasing directly from posts.

Ages 18 to 34 use YouTube most often. However, the 35+ and 55+ age group users are growing quickly. Female and male viewers are about 1:1, and YouTube thrives on long-form video content. It’s a perfect platform for product integrations, how-tos and reviews. Creators can also embed your business website or product links in the video description.

TikTok is growing so quickly in popularity that now it is an excellent choice for almost every brand. TikTok content is short-form video less than 60 seconds. The platform’s growth has been incredible with more than 25% of users opening TikTok every day. The addicting algorithm TikTok uses has led to users spending more time on TikTok than any other social media platform.


Why Get Hyped?

The Get Hyped 5P
Influencer System

Our proprietary campaign process has been proven to deliver results with over 100 million impressions and 10 million engagements.

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Influencer marketing is
our focus

Some agencies “also do influencer marketing” among a long list of general marketing services. At Get Hyped we’re not generalists; we’re specialists.

Not limited by a software platform or an in-house talent network.

We’ve built a community of over 5,000 proven influencer partners during the last 7 years of running campaigns for our clients. We've proven that these creators are reliable partners who can consistently deliver results on-time and for a fair price.

High Touch, Data-driven Service

Our premium done-for-you services are focused on performance and driven by data. No guesswork or empty promises, just results.



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Organic Impressions




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