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Influencer Marketing Services Customized for Your Needs

We are a full-service beauty influencer marketing agency with years of experience and valuable industry connections.

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. We design a customized strategy for each client.

Influencer Marketing Strategy

We will plan your entire beauty influencer marketing campaign end-to-end, including the choices for influencers, channels, content, & content types.

Influencer Search and Selection

After learning about what makes your brand unique, our team of experts will find the most authentic and engaging influencers within your niche who align with your brand's attributes.

Influencer Outreach & Contracts

After you approve our shortlisted influencers, we reach out to them to negotiate an agreement that saves you time and legally protects your business.

Campaign Execution and Optimization

From communicating guidelines to tracking the performance of each post, we manage your entire campaign from start to finish to make sure it’s a roaring success!

Content Creation and Amplification

We specialize in guiding influencers with their production of creative, high-impact content, and then we use paid amplification to reach even more of your target audience.

Analytics & Quarterly Reporting

We track and share all campaign KPIs with you in real-time via a dedicated campaign dashboard, and we also provide detailed performance reports both monthly and quarterly.

Our influencer marketing agency specializes in working with beauty brands. We help them use impactful influencer storytelling to generate strong brand awareness and affinity.

Our Award-Winning Beauty Influencer Marketing Agency is Widely Recognized

We Can Help You Run Different Types of Campaigns
with Beauty Influencers

We’ve worked with enough beauty brands to know which campaigns work best in the beauty industry.

Our influencer experts will design a campaign strategy per your requirements and help you achieve your marketing goals.


From showcasing your products in a daily skincare routine video to brand mentions, we work with beauty influencers to create awareness for your brand.


We are experts in guiding beauty influencers on how to create the most engaging skincare, haircare, and makeup tutorials to promote beauty brands.


We’ll collaborate with beauty influencers, provide them with detailed guidelines, and help them create product reviews that get new audiences to try your products.


Long-term beauty influencer marketing collaborations deliver the highest ROI; we specialize in creating relationships with ambassadors that are a perfect fit for your brand.


We can help you connect with expert beauty influencers to co-create products and product lines and then promote them using a variety of social media marketing techniques.

Influencer Content

We will work with influencers to create engaging and high-impact branded content that you can use for social media marketing, advertisements, and other purposes.

Let our expert marketing team design
and execute the most impactful beauty
influencer marketing
campaigns for your brand.

Case Studies

Meet Some of our happy clients


Cannalle CBD Inflused Skincare

The Challenge:

A need to differentiate their brand from the competition and generate high-impact social content.


Partnered with high-performing beauty influencers to generate stunning, scroll-stopping content that created a buzz around the Cannalle brand and products in the beauty community on social media.


Videos and Images Created


Social Media Impressions


Engagement Rate


LilyAna Naturals

The Challenge:

Limited brand awareness on social (present only on Amazon) and a lack of premium content.


We designed an influencer marketing campaign focussed on creating engaging UGC to attract leads and drive them to the brand’s Amazon shop.


Premium Videos and Images Created




Leads Driven

And the success of the campaign helped the brand get acquired shortly after!

We Go the Extra Mile Unlike Any Other
Beauty Influencer Marketing Agency

Here are a few other things that set us apart:

We’re Experts at Influencer Marketing

Our marketing specialists spend 100% of their time working on influencer marketing campaigns and excel at designing and executing influencer campaigns to perfection.

Unlimited Influencer Options

We don’t restrict ourselves to one platform; We have an extensive network of proven beauty influencers, agency tech, and the experience to find the best influencers for your brand.

Customized Services for Each Client

Each of our beauty influencer marketing campaigns are specifically tailored to clients’ needs and are designed from scratch to meet their unique marketing goals.

Premium Influencer Services

Our influencer marketing campaigns are more specialized than any other firm so we’re selective in choosing our influencer partners and our clients. We do the best work, for the best brands.

Focus on Trust and Authenticity

We do not believe in buying followers, engaging with fake influencers, or using bots, and we have the tech and processes to sniff out any level of inauthentic influencer activity.

9-Step Proprietary Selection Process

We follow our HYPE-Check agency vetting process ensuring that each influencer we select creates authentic and impactful content that’s quality reviewed and on brand.

When you work with our agency, you’ll find a partner who follows their core values that you can trust.

We have long-standing multi-year relationships with our clients, who all happily vouch for us! Join our list of happy clients by hiring our beauty influencer marketing agency.

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Our 12-Step Influencer Marketing Process Will Make Your Campaigns Simple & Successful

We don’t believe in repurposing strategies and influencers for all clients.

That’s why we start our process by designing a customized plan tailored to your requirements.

Our influencer marketing specialists communicate with you weekly as they seek approvals, send updates, and ask for your input.

12-Step Influencer Marketing Process 12-Step Influencer Marketing Process

When you work with our beauty influencer marketing agency, we work as an extension of your in-house team.

Hire our agency to design a campaign that will put your beauty brandon the map!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Influencer marketing agencies help brands plan and run influencer campaigns. A full-service influencer marketing agency like ours will not only help you find the right influencers but will help you collaborate with them effectively.

Here are some of the services that our beauty influencer marketing agency provides:

  • Customized strategy design
  • Influencer search and selection
  • Outreach and contract negotiation
  • Campaign execution and optimization
  • Content creation and amplification
  • Analytics and performance reporting

Planning and running successful campaigns in a niche as competitive as the beauty industry is tough. It can even be overwhelming for experienced marketers.

An influencer marketing agency brings the required expertise and experience to consistently execute successful campaigns. From finding the right influencers to managing quality content creation, they can help you with all aspects of influencer marketing.

You should opt for a full-service beauty influencer marketing agency that specializes in working with skincare and beauty brands.

Here are some important criteria for agency selection:

  • Skills and expertise in influencer marketing
  • Scope of social media marketing services provided
  • Experience working with beauty brands
  • Past case studies and success stories
  • Pricing and compatibility with your budget

Here are some ways to find a beauty influencer:

  • Do a Google search to find listicles on beauty influencers
  • Manually search for influencers on social media platforms
  • Use an influencer marketing platform or tool to find influencers
  • Hire a beauty influencer marketing agency to find the right influencers that align with your brand and campaign goals

The first two methods will provide you with a list of generic beauty influencers which is a good start but not recommended.

The third method of using a platform or tool provides a list of influencers plus a method of campaign tracking but platforms cannot deliver on strategy and your team will still need to manage the campaign.

Hiring a beauty influencer marketing agency like Get Hyped is the only way to do highly targeted searches to find perfect matches plus the right agency will provide white-glove campaign service from start to finish.

Yes, many agencies represent influencers as well as brands. However, those agencies prefer working with only the influencers that they represent, thus severely limiting the potential pool of influencer talent.

At Get Hyped we do not represent influencers limit our campaigns to a closed influencer network. When you hire our beauty influencer marketing agency, we’ll find you the best possible options for talent out there, period.

Running a beauty influencer marketing campaign can be overwhelming for even the most seasoned marketers. From finding the right beauty influencer to quality reviewing their content, there’s a lot that needs to be done.

By hiring a beauty influencer marketing agency, you can delegate all that work with the confidence that the campaign will be executed successfully the first time. A good agency can help you save a ton of time, effort, and money in the long run by avoiding costly mistakes.

Contact our team and we will be happy to help with all of your questions about best practices for influencer marketing in the beauty industry.

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