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Need to reach more of your target audience and drive them through your sales funnel?

Give lifestyle influencers a try.

The right lifestyle influencers can turn your business into a lifestyle brand and significantly increase your sales.


Lifestyle influencers carry a potent combination of reach and trustworthiness.

They post authentic and relatable content in their lifestyle blogs and social media, covering everyday life topics.

This attracts a loyal and diverse audience that you can easily turn into purchasing customers for your brand.

But not all lifestyle influencers will bring benefits, you need the right fit for your products.

So, who are the best lifestyle influencers out there to choose from?

Keep reading to find out our picks.

Top 10 Lifestyle Influencers to Work With in 2022

Whether you’re looking for different types of influencers to promote your products or enhance your marketing campaign, you’ll find a fit from our round-up of the top lifestyle influencers this year.

1. Courtney Quinn aka Color Queen

Courtney Quinn aka Color Queen

Image Source: Instagram

Want to associate your product with color and positive vibes?

Courtney Quinn, based in NYC, is one of the top lifestyle influencers for the job.

Her sponsored posts involve brands like State Farm and Sam’s Club.

Her social media pages and lifestyle blog provide an amazing burst of colors that create an impact and cause users to stop scrolling to check out her content.

Courtney brightens up her followers’ days using hilarious videos showcasing her vibrant fashion ideas and travel adventures.

2. Tommy Lei aka MyBelonging

Tommy Lei aka MyBelonging

Image Source: Instagram

Tommy is a lifestyle influencer who isn’t afraid to share all the details of his modern lifestyle with the world. He’s both a fashion and lifestyle influencer.

His content involves style tips on men’s fashion, home decor and interior design, recipes, travel destinations, and insightful personal reflections.

It’s also accompanied by high-quality editorial imagery.

Tommy has worked with brands like Terrazas de los Andes and The Home Depot.

3. Olivia Rink Hempel

Olivia Rink Hempel

Image Source: Instagram

A lively and charming lifestyle influencer based in New York City, Olivia Rink shares her personal stories and travel experiences using amazing visuals on her Instagram account.

She is one of the top lifestyle influencers offering stylish fashion recommendations for women.

Olivia’s content also involves wellness and beauty tips, health and fitness advice, home decor, and interior design ideas.

She’s worked with Hyundai Motor America and Wells Fargo, among others.

4. Brian Sacawa – He Spoke Style

Brian Sacawa - He Spoke Style

Image Source: Instagram

Brian Sacawa is one of the top lifestyle influencers who make everyday style easy and attainable for regular guys.

He’s a fashion blogger who provides practical style advice in menswear and affordable fashion tips. That makes him the perfect influencer for a clothing brand.

His philosophy is that style goes beyond the perfect outfit, and this can be seen in the high quality content on his fashion blog.

Brian has partnered with companies like Falconeri and The Glenrothes.

5. Sam Ushiro of Aww Sam

Sam Ushiro of Aww Sam

Image Source: Instagram

Sam is one of the most active lifestyle influencers whose social media and personal blog stand out because of her colorful and well curated content.

She shares detailed tutorials of DIYs, creative workshops, photography and photo styling tips, home decor, travel guides, and bold fashion style tips.

Sam is one of the quickly rising lifestyle influencers and has worked with well-known brands like Bed Bath & Beyond and Tic Tac.

6. Joanna Goddard – Cup of Jo

Joanna Goddard - Cup of Jo

Image Source: Instagram

If your target market is women, mostly moms, Joanna Goddard is one of the top lifestyle influencers for the job.

She is a lifestyle blogger who inspires, encourages, and supports women.

One of the things that stands out about this lifestyle influencer is her authentic and casual style on social media.

Joanna gives real talks about motherhood, relationships, her personal life experiences, books, travels, and life hacks. She has an interesting food blog as well.

She is also one of the few lifestyle influencers who share personal stories from their readers.

Joanna has partnered with major brands like PopCorners and Artifact Uprising.

7. Taralynn McNitt – Simply Taralynn

Taralynn McNitt - Simply Taralynn

Image Source: Instagram

Taralynn is one of the top lifestyle influencers with a goal of inspiring women to get into fitness and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Although she started her lifestyle influencer journey by sharing health content, her lifestyle blog has evolved to contain topics like gardening, travel, cooking, home decor, interior design, fitness, and others.

She also provides printable recipes and workout videos on her lifestyle blog.

Taralynn doesn’t sugar-coat anything, and her followers love her for it.

She has worked with brands like NUTROBrand and Sunsweet Growers, among others.

8. Cat Meffan

Cat Meffan

Image Source: Instagram

Cat is a passionate fitness instructor, who specializes in yoga.

She is one of the lifestyle influencers committed to helping her followers live their best life by making positive changes.

She is an excellent choice for a brand ambassador who can be the face of your business on social media.

Cat creates inspiring content encouraging her followers to pursue fitness through exercises that they enjoy.

She is also a lifestyle influencer who talks about topics like body positivity, self-love, anxiety, and a lot more.

Her Instagram feed is filled with high-quality videos and pictures of her active lifestyle, dog, and adventures.

Cat has worked with brands like Ceder’s Drinks and Marks & Spencer.

9. Beth Sandland

Beth Sandland

Image Source: Instagram

One of the more multi-talented lifestyle influencers on this list, Beth Sandland is a skilled photographer and lifestyle blogger.

She is an honest and authentic lifestyle influencer who is never afraid to share her thoughts.

Her lifestyle blog and social media contain engaging content revolving around travel, makeup tutorials, motherhood, and all things related to fashion and beauty.

This content creator shares her home decor ideas and talks about mental health, self-love, and productivity in a relatable way that involves her real-life stories.

Beth is based in London. She has worked with companies like Locket Insurance and MooGoo Skincare.

10. Elle Adams-the Elle Next Door

Elle Adams-the Elle Next Door

Image Source: Instagram

Elle is another of the playful and humorous lifestyle influencers on this list.

Her specialties are fashion and travel.

She shares her cross-continental travel experiences, shopping hauls, and beauty routines using high-quality vlogs on YouTube.

Her content also includes information about gluten-free foods and life advice on topics like productivity and self-care.

Her social media followers also get a treat of hilarious and creative video clips related to lifestyle on her Instagram account.

This fashion and lifestyle influencer has worked with notable brands like Huawei Mobile UK and Bliss Snacks.


1. Who are Instagram lifestyle influencers?

Instagram lifestyle influencers are creators who share their daily routine, adventures, and life experiences using high-quality visuals and text on their social media  accounts including Instagram, TikTok and others while attracting a large number of followers.

2. Who are the most popular lifestyle influencers?

Some of the most popular lifestyle influencers include:

  • Courtney Quinn
  • Tommy Lei
  • Olivia Rink
  • Brian Sacawa
  • Sam Ushiro
  • Joanna Goddard
  • Taralynn McNitt
  • Cat Meffan
  • Beth Sandland
  • Elle Adams

3. How do I become a lifestyle blogger?

Lifestyle influencers and bloggers post a variety of content on their social media and lifestyle blogs.

The content is inspired by their interests and daily activities, such as travels, family life, daily outfits, beauty tips, and more.

The content on your lifestyle blog and social media needs to be genuine and relatable, to create trust with your followers and attract new audiences.

4. What should I post on my lifestyle blog?

Lifestyle influencers use their social media accounts and lifestyle blogs to share content on interesting matters involving everyday life.

5. What is luxury lifestyle content?

Luxury lifestyle content involves promoting high-end lifestyles and brands.

These brands use lifestyle influencers to get a voice of authenticity and create an emotional connection with their target consumers.

Ready to Add the Top Lifestyle Influencers to Your Marketing Strategy?

All the lifestyle influencers on our list are interesting, versatile, and active on their social media and lifestyle blogs.

These lifestyle influencers are genuinely motivated to inspire their followers to add color to their lives, be happy, and lead a healthy lifestyle.

If you want guidance on how to pick the right lifestyle influencers for your next campaign, contact us and we’ll help you create a custom strategy to grow your brand.

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