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We’ve helped clients find and collaborate with celebrity influencers to get over 18M impressions from a single campaign, and we can do the same for your brand.

Get Hyped specializes in generating powerful brand awareness and affinity for lifestyle brands through impactful influencer storytelling.

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Our Influencer and Celebrity Marketing Services are Tailored to Your Brand’s Specific Needs

We’ve mastered the strategy and process required to execute successful influencer marketing campaigns for lifestyle brands.

And each of our campaigns is uniquely tailored to the needs of our clients.

Influencer Marketing Strategy Design

We assess your needs and design a custom strategy including platform focus, creative content concepts, and key messaging guidelines.

Unlimited Influencer Search and Selection

Our team of experts finds the top performing influencers unique to your premium fashion brand using a combination of influencer search tools and our proven network.

Influencer Outreach & Contract Negotiation

After you approve our list of premium fashion influencers, we negotiate and enter into agreements with them on your behalf ensuring high-quality, on-brand content is delivered on schedule.

Campaign Execution and Optimization

We take care of influencer communications, draft reviews, content collection, and analytics for your fashion influencer marketing campaign so your team can be hands off.

Content Creation and Amplification

Our creative experts guide your chosen influencers in how to create engaging and high-quality content for your brand with a detailed creative brief including suggested concepts, key messaging, and specific DOs and DON’Ts.

Analytics & Quarterly Reporting

We track campaign performance in real-time plus provide you with a detailed performance report each quarter that includes influencer feedback and valuable campaign insights to improve campaign performance.


We can help you reach your target audience on social media by hand-picking the right celebrity influencers to represent your brand.

Take your brand to new heights using our best-in-class influencer and celebrity marketing services.

Our Influencer and Celebrity Marketing Agency Is Accomplished and Trusted By Many

We Can Help You Run Any Type of Campaign
with Celebrity Influencers

Our team has the expertise to run every type of celebrity influencer campaign that achieves your brand’s goals.



A brand mention from the right celebrity can put your brand on the map. We’ll ensure that the creative messaging is on-brand and high-impact.

Sales Offers-Promotions


Hire a celebrity influencer to promote your latest sale or offer, and create huge buzz around your promotions.


Giveaways &

Get new customers to try your products first-hand by partnering with a celebrity influencer to host a giveaway or contest and attract a massive audience.ng your brand.



Collaborate with a celebrity to co-create a product or product line, and then partner with that celebrity to promote it.



We can help you find and hire the right celebrity influencer to represent your brand via a long-term ambassador program.

Cause Marketing


Celebrities love speaking up for the causes they care about. We can find celebrities whose values align with your brand’s values to speak about the causes your brand supports.

Let our influencer agency help
you find and work with the highest-
performing celebrity
influencers to run high-impact
marketing campaigns.


Case Studies

Here are some of our success stories.

Trend Micro Consumer Technology and Cyber Security

Trend Micro Consumer Technology and Cyber Security

The Challenge:

A new product line launch by Trend Micro created a need for product review and explainer videos that would generate buzz around the new products on social media.


Our team created a cross-platform campaign on TikTok & YouTube that generated both dedicated and mention product review and explainer videos by partnering with key influencers in the technology, family and lifestyle niches.

This positive long-form video content provided the searchability that the new product line needed in order to differentiate from the competition and generate a big splash in the market.









The Challenge:

When Zelite came to Get Hyped they had amazing chef’s style knives to offer everyone from professionals to hobbyists, but they were struggling to build their social community quickly and effectively.


Get Hyped created an Instagram & TikTok video campaign with the focus of finding the perfect creators that we developed into ambassadors for the Zelite brand.

As the 12-month+ campaign matured, multiple creators hit grand slams with viral Reels and TikTok content taking the brand from unknown to well known in their niche.






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We Go the Extra Mile Unlike Any Other
Influencer and Celebrity Marketing Agency

Here are a few other things that set us apart:

We’re Experts at Influencer Marketing

Our marketing specialists spend 100% of their time working on influencer and social media marketing campaigns and specialize in designing and executing such campaigns to perfection.

Unlimited Influencer Options

We don’t restrict ourselves to one platform; We have an extensive network of proven influencers, agency tech, and the experience to find the best influencers for your brand.

Customized Services for Each Client

Each of our influencer marketing campaigns are specifically tailored to clients’ needs and are designed from scratch to meet their unique marketing goals.

Premium Influencer Services

Our influencer marketing campaigns are more specialized than any other firm so we’re selective in choosing our influencer partners and our clients. We do the best work, for the best brands.

Focus on Trust and Authenticity

We do not believe in buying followers, engaging with fake influencers, or using bots, and we have the tech and processes to sniff out any level of inauthentic influencer activity.

9-Step Proprietary Selection Process

We follow our HYPE-Check agency vetting process ensuring that each influencer we select creates authentic and impactful content that’s quality reviewed and on brand.

When you work with our agency, you’ll find a partner who follows their core values that you can trust.

We have long-standing multi-year relationships with our clients, who all happily vouch for us! Join our list of happy clients by hiring our influencer and celebrity marketing agency.

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Here’s What Our Clients Say About Get Hyped

We are the #1 influencer marketing agency for lifestyle brands, and our long list of happy clients can vouch for our expertise.

Our 12-Step Influencer Marketing Process Will Be Your Roadmap to Success

We plan and execute influencer and celebrity marketing campaigns using our tried-and-tested 12-step process.

Every campaign is unique and custom-designed for each client’s requirements.

12-Step Influencer Marketing Process 12-Step Influencer Marketing Process

Frequently Asked Questions

Influencer and celebrity marketing agencies specialize in planning and running high-profile influencer campaigns. Unlike regular influencer marketing agencies, they specialize in working with celebrities and well-known social media influencers.

Here are some of the services that our influencer marketing agency provides:

  • Customized strategy design
  • Influencer search and selection
  • Outreach and contract negotiation
  • Campaign execution and optimization
  • Content creation and amplification
  • Analytics and performance reporting

Brands that want to grow quickly and have the budget needed to hire a celebrity influencer should hire an experienced agency to ensure that the partnership is executed to perfection.

When you invest in a high-profile celebrity influencer campaign, you want to make sure it’s successful by setting up the contract correctly. Many infamous celebrity influencer and brand partnerships ended in litigation because the contract wasn’t designed by an attorney experienced in the influencer marketing industry.

An experienced agency like Get Hyped that focuses on influencer marketing has legal agreements written and negotiated by the top influencer marketing attorneys.

An influencer and celebrity marketing agency can help you:

  • Design highly-targeted campaigns that deliver real results
  • Find and collaborate with the best celebrity influencers that align with your brand
  • Create highly engaging content by providing creative direction and detailed guidelines for celebrity influencers
  • Past case studies and success stories
  • Choose the right content concepts, formats, and channels to get the best results from your celebrity partnerships
  • Negotiate and enter into legal agreements with celebrity influencers that protect your investment and ensure ROI

Here are a few ways to search for the most effective celebrity influencers:

  • Do a Google search Search on social media channels using hashtags
  • Use an influencer search tool or platform, free or paid
  • Hire an influencer marketing agency that specializes in celebrity influencer marketing partnerships to find the right celebrities that align with your brand’s needs

Get Hyped is the #1 influencer marketing agency for lifestyle brands.

While some agencies “also work with influencers”, influencer marketing is 100% of what we do.

We don’t rely on a limited internal network of influencers or software platform. We find you the best influencers specific to your brand by searching all available resources including our proven network of creators, the industry-leading search tools, and manual search by influencer specialists.

When you work with us, you’ll partner with only the most impactful influencers and celebrities.

Contact us to get answers to all of your influencer marketing questions!. Schedule a consultation with our team and they’ll guide you through next steps.

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