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We have helped lifestyle brands like yours realize 12x ROI from targeted influencer campaigns. We’ll help you make your mark on YouTube through highly-targeted branded videos created by top YouTube influencers.

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YouTube Influencer Marketing Services For Lifestyle Brands

Get Hyped is a fully-managed YouTube influencer marketing agency that can design, execute, and scale influencer campaigns from start to finish.

We run hyper-targeted influencer campaigns based on your specific needs.

Designing a Strategic Plan


We’ll plan your entire YouTube influencer marketing campaign end-to-end, from the choice of influencers to types of video content.

Finding & Recruiting Influencers


We’ll use every tool at our disposal to provide you with unlimited influencer options and will help you choose the creators that are the perfect fit for your brand’s goals.

Negotiating Influencer Contracts


Let our influencer marketing experts handle the tedious task of influencer outreach and contract negotiation, while you focus on the more important aspects of your marketing strategy.

Reviewing and Approving Content


We collaborate with all the influencers you approve and guide them on how to create successful, targeted, and dedicated YouTube videos and integrations for your brand.

Amplifying and Boosting Content


Our in-house content team provides detailed content briefs that help influencers quickly understand brand messaging, product details, and campaign goals to create branded videos.

Performance Reporting & Insights


Our agency not only tracks every possible campaign KPI, we also dive deep into the data to determine valuable campaign insights that help optimize your influencer strategy.

authentic experts

We understand that consumers trust influencers who are real, authentic, and experts in their niche, and we know exactly how to find them!

We’ll help your target audience connect with your brand through impactful visual storytelling.

Award-Winning YouTube Influencer Agency

Our Award-Winning YouTube Influencer Marketing Agency is Globally Revered

We Can Run Any Type of Campaign with the Top YouTube Influencers

We’ve worked with YouTube creators from every different lifestyle niche including consumer technology, F&B, beauty, health & nutrition, apparel & accessories, household, and more.

We specialize in running unique YouTube influencer campaigns to meet specific goals and target a specific audience.

Shoppable Posts


We’ll work with influencers to create a series of branded videos to raise awareness and create a distinct image for your brand.

Branded Videos

Unboxing &

Unboxing & review videos from trusted YouTube influencers can win you new customers and our team knows just how to create them with impact.

Product Reviews


We’ll provide detailed content briefs to YouTube influencers to create educational how-to videos that get people excited to try your products.



If you want a subtle product placement within an influencer’s native content, our experts will help create the most engaging and impactful video integrations with your products.

Engaging Stories


YouTube videos are perfect for capturing audience attention through creative influencer storytelling. Our influencers grow affinity for your brand through their creative messaging.

Brand Mentions


We’ll help you use the new power of YouTube shorts to create attention-grabbing content that competes with TikTok and Instagram Reels to help your brand grow its audience.

We’ll help you leverage the full
power of YouTube influencer
marketing by turning
influencers into your brand ambassadors.

brand ambassadors

Case Studies

Check Out Some of Our Success Stories

Trend Micro

Trend Micro

The Challenge:

Launching a new product with limited social media presence and educating consumers about the product to win new customers.


We worked with YouTube influencers to create review and tutorial videos that informed and educated consumers about Trend Micro’s new home networking security product. We used a cross-platform strategy that also leveraged TikTok, podcasts, and blog posts to complement YouTube.





Leads Driven

Leads Driven


Espin Electric Bikes

The Challenge:

Lack of in-house capabilities to run a big lead generation campaign using influencers.


We planned, executed, and scaled a high-impact influencer campaign utilizing YouTube dedicated videos and integrations. We monitored the performance of each influencer and selected a few to make additional content that yielded even better results.



Link Clicks

Link Clicks

Espin Electric Bikes

What Makes Us Stand Apart from other YouTube Influencer Marketing Agencies

We don’t recycle the same strategies. We create unique campaigns based on your goals and a thorough analysis of your target audience.

Our team of dedicated influencer marketing experts specialize in making customer personas to fine-tune our campaigns.



Most agencies are generalists that “also do influencer marketing.” Not Get Hyped. Influencer marketing is 100% of what we do so our team is composed only of specialists focused on the creator economy.

Influencer Options


We don’t select influencers from a limited roster. We scout for the best talent fit to achieve your unique goals using multiple tools to give you the best and the most diverse influencer pool to choose from.



We help you to define your unique goals and requirements then we customize every aspect of your campaign to exceed those goals. Each of our campaigns is unique and tailored to our client’s specific needs.

Trust & Authenticity

Trust &

Our agency works only with authentic and genuine influencers to grow your brand organically and sustainably, without using any fake influencers, bots, or unethical practices.

Content Quality


Our in-house content team is the very best at creating social media content and helping influencers meet your brand guidelines to create engaging content that converts.

Choice of Influencers


Selecting the right influencers is a skill that takes years to master and we have honed that skill to create a vetting process that ensures you work only with the best influencers.

Our core values of integrity and collaboration are at the heart of everything we do. That’s why our creators rave about our agency and keep coming back for more campaigns.

We have helped all types of brands from startups to Fortune 500 companies reap the benefits of YouTube influencer marketing. Join the bandwagon of smart brands that are getting results and crushing it on YouTube!

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Our 12-Step Influencer Marketing Process Removes the Guess Work

We have a robust process that ensures that every campaign is planned and managed well from start to finish.

12-Step Influencer Marketing Process 12-Step Influencer Marketing Process

When you work with our YouTube influencer marketing agency, you can choose your level of involvement.

Whether you want to review every draft or just read weekly reports,the choice is yours.

Hire our agency to run YouTube influencer campaigns the way you want.

Hire Us for Your Campaign
Hire Us for Your Campaign

Frequently Asked Questions

Running a successful influencer marketing campaign on YouTube involves a lot of actions working in tandem to achieve a target goal. If you’re new to influencer marketing, there are a lot of challenges and pitfalls waiting for you.

Hiring a professional influencer marketing agency can ensure that you avoid these pitfalls and run a successful campaign right from the start.

Our agency can help make your first influencer campaign a success so you can get a bigger buy-in from leadership for future campaigns.

YouTube influencer marketing agency, like ours, specializes in designing and executing high-scale influencer campaigns on YouTube. A fully-managed agency will design a strategy, find influencers, and run the entire campaign from start to finish.

Here are just some of the services that our YouTube influencer marketing agency offers:

  • Planning and strategy design
  • Influencer search and selection
  • Outreach and contract management
  • Influencer and campaign management
  • Content creation and amplification
  • Performance tracking and reporting

Hire Get Hyped to run winning YouTube campaigns that help you reach the right audience.

We have worked with every type of client and brand on YouTube from startups to Fortune 500 companies. We have planned and scaled dozens of influencer campaigns for lifestyle brands on YouTube.

Our agency specializes in YouTube influencer marketing and has helped our clients get hundreds of million of views from engaging dedicated and integration videos. We can do the same for you.

Hire our agency for running high-converting YouTube influencer marketing campaigns at scale.

No, we do not represent influencers as we think that’s a conflict of interest. We also don’t want to limit our influencer pool and miss out on the best creators. We conduct an extensive influencer search for each client, based on their specific needs, and provide unlimited influencer options to choose from.

When you work with our agency, rest assured that you’ll work with the best influencers in your niche.

We offer customized pricing plans for each client, based on their specific needs and requirements. Our YouTube influencer marketing experts will talk with you to determine the scope of your campaign, work within your budget, and design a campaign that achieves your goals.

Hire Our Agency to Run a Successful YouTube Influencer Campaign The First Time

Work with the best YouTube influencers to share branded video content that engages your audience and drives conversions.

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