“When can I see results from my influencer marketing campaign?” This is one of the most common questions that we get from our clients. And if you landed on this post, it sounds like you are having the same dilemma.

We understand, everyone is rushing to see results from the marketing campaigns that they invested in, especially in influencer marketing. Sometimes people see it as a magic bullet to boost traffic, get more clients, increase sales. However, in most cases, it takes time to achieve sustainable results. 

To understand how soon you can see the outcomes, we are going to show you the timeline of a typical influencer marketing campaign. You will know when and what to expect at each stage of the campaign. 

It Can Take Several Months of Efforts

So exactly how long until you see results? Honestly, it depends. You probably get this answer a lot and feel frustrated by it, but it’s the truth. Depending on your budget, time commitment, and execution process, the timeline of results may vary. From our experience in running influencer marketing campaigns though, you could expect to see measurable results from the campaign as soon as 3 months.

Typically speaking, 3 months into the campaign, a brand that is new to influencer marketing could start entering into long-term partnerships with influencers to make them into brand evangelists. After 6 months, brand-affinity starts to grow as the brand evangelists continue to expose their audiences to the brand. After the six month benchmark, it’s an important period in the campaign because during this time your brand will accumulate the trust from potential customers. If you can stick to it and keep influencer marketing running, you can see more significant improvement in brand awareness, loyalty, and sales growth in the long run. 

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A common mistake people make in running influencer marketing campaigns is to stop it once they see initial results. However, there’s no need to pause as long as the strategy continues to identify and get exposure to new audiences.

Influencer Marketing Campaign Timeline and Expectation

Are you wondering why it takes a few months for influencer marketing to work? What will happen in those three months? To give you a clear idea of the timeline of running an influencer marketing campaign, we broke it down to six stages to explain what you should expect at each stage. 

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Action Plan (Week 1- Week 2)

To ensure your influencer marketing campaign will go smoothly, you will need a thorough, strategic action plan before execution. As for the strategic planning stage, you could expect it to take 1 to 2 weeks of your whole campaign cycle. In this stage, you will complete some important tasks such as setting a campaign goal, researching influencers, deciding types of campaigns, and defining measurable results. 

Our post about how to run an influencer marketing campaign could guide you through the planning process.

Influencer Outreach (Week 2- Week 8)

Once the action plan is outlined, the following six weeks are the time to reach out to the influencers that align with your brand and products. If you are reaching out to influencers by yourself, there are several options. You could manually message or email them about the potential partnerships or you could utilize an influencer marketing platform like mavrco.co to find and connect with influencers. 

In this stage, you can expect to have a list of qualified influencers for your brand’s campaign.

Influencer Product Coordination (Week 4 - Week 9)

Once you reach out to the influencers, it will take about five weeks to coordinate the product distributions to them. When working with influencers, it’s important to make sure that they are familiar with the brand and products. Providing free product samples and a well-crafted influencer brief can help the influencers to create authentic content about your brand and products. 

At this point, the goal is to make sure your brand’s gifted products are delivered to influencers so that they can get ready for content creation.

Influencer Publish Content (Week 4 - Week 12)

As the influencers receive product samples, they will start to create different forms of content about your brand and products. This process would start from week four and continue until the end of the campaign. At this stage, it’s necessary to coordinate the content publishing process to make sure that the influencers are making the deadlines and creating quality content for the brand.

You can expect to see the influencers publishing their content about your brand on social media. At this step, your brand and products are getting more exposure as the content keeps getting posted.

Influencer Payment Execution (Week 6 - Week 12)

After the influencers’ content is published, you will need to follow the contract and pay the influencers for the work they have done. If you are working with our agency, we will take care of all the paperwork for taxes so that you can save time on issuing/collecting tax forms.

Analytic Gathering and Campaign Review (Week 10 - Week 12)

After the execution, it finally is time to see some conversions and tangible results!  At this point, you can gather the analytic data and measure the success of the influencer marketing campaign. If your goal was to increase brand awareness, you should expect to see an increase in your website traffic and social media engagement. Some important KPIs that you could track include audience reach, impression, engagement, earned media value, and ROI.

At the end of this cycle, you can evaluate the success of the campaign. It’s wise to reinvest in the influencers that perform well in the campaign and continue working with them.

Factors that Affect Influencer Marketing Results

Now, do you have a better picture of what to expect in your first influencer marketing campaign? Even though we all tend to see results right after we launch the campaign, if not sooner, it does take at least 3 months of effort to see measurable results. The three-month track that we presented above is the fastest track for a typical influencer campaign. However, we have to point out that, in reality, it might take a longer time for some brands to see results. There are a few factors that could affect the expected timeline of your campaign, such as creative freedom and your relationship with the influencers.

If you want to make sure your campaign is effective, we recommend you provide enough creative freedom to the influencers that you collaborate with and invest in long term relationships with them.

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These two factors play important roles in accelerating your influencer marketing campaign. Giving creative freedom to influencers can ensure the quality and authenticity of the content. Since the audience views influencers as their friends, they prefer to see genuine content from the influencers. They want to hear honest opinions and feedback about a brand. Many campaigns fall flat because they try to have control of the message that the audience receives. However, that does nothing good for influencer marketing. On the contrary, it will hurt your relationship with influencers and the audience, which leads to negative ROI.

Another way to give your campaign a long-term win is to nurture the relationships with influencers. You could send them unexpected free products, brand merchandise, or give them a social shout-out to appreciate their contributions. By doing so, you can keep the high-performance influencers in your circle and make them feel like they are part of the brand’s family. It will elevate your campaign success when you have a group of accountable influencers vouch for your brand and products.


The success of an influencer marketing campaign does not happen overnight. It usually takes months of effort to see quantifiable results. However, with a well-crafted influencer marketing plan, we have seen brands that achieved great marketing success as fast as three months. 

Are you ready to invest the time and money in your first influencer marketing campaign?

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