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We help lifestyle brands, like yours, run impactful TikTok influencer campaigns without all of the trial, error and headache. We’ve helped brands get up to 12x ROI from influencer marketing, and we can do the same for you.

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A TikTok Influencer Marketing Agency That Works as an Extension of Your Team

We first understand your unique requirements and then we design you a highly-targeted campaign.

We’re a fully-managed Tikok influencer marketing agency, so we’ll plan, run, and scale your campaign from start to finish.

Research & Planning

We’ll design a TikTok influencer marketing campaign according to your goals, budget, and target audience to make the most impact and drive results.

Influencer Selection

We don’t select TikTok influencers from a limited roster, but scout for the best talent to achieve your brand goals & give you the most diverse influencer pool.

Outreach & Contracts

We’ll take the hassle of reaching out to influencers and negotiating contracts so it can rest assured that your brand legally is protected.

Campaign Execution

From designing creative briefs for influencers to ensuring they follow FTC guidelines, we’ll manage all the operational complexities of running a campaign.

Content Co-Creation

We work with influencers to create the best content for your brand. We give them messaging guidelines, review their drafts, and get your approval before publishing any content.

Campaign Insights

Our TikTok influencer marketing agency not only tracks campaign KPIs, we also dive deep into the data to gain campaign insights that optimize your influencer strategy.

buy-in from leadership

We know that you want your first campaign to be a success so you can get buy-in from leadership. Our TikTok influencer marketing agency has a proven track record of exceeding our clients' goals and obtaining buy-in from stakeholders.

buy-in from leadership

Our Award-Winning TikTok Influencer Agency is Globally Recognized

We Run TikTok Influencer Campaigns That Make a Huge Impact

We’ve worked with TikTok influencers from lifestyle niches like consumer technology, beauty & bodycare, food & beverage, and more.

We design targeted TikTok marketing campaigns to get your audience interested in your products.

Native Videos


We’ll help you leverage the creativity of TikTok content creators to share branded videos that look like organic content that engages your audience.

Hashtag Challenges


We understand TikTok’s algorithm, so we work with creators to design challenges with the potential to go viral and reach the masses.

Hacks Tutorials

Hacks &

We provide content briefs to creators but also let them use their creativity to show your products in ways that resonate with their audience.

Long-Term Partnerships


Our TikTok agency is known for forming lasting influencer relationships. We’ll help you turn your influencers and their audiences into your brand ambassadors.


Engaging Video

TikTok videos are perfect for capturing audience attention through creative influencer storytelling. Our influencers grow affinity for your brand through their creative messaging.


Contests &

We’ll help you design contests and giveaways that attract followers and help you grow your brand’s audience on TikTok and engage existing ones.

Our agency will help you leverage
the full power of TikTok creators.
They say there are no rules on TikTok…we
say we make the rules. Let’s build your
TikTok audience together.

full power of TikTok creators

Case Studies

Check Out Some of Our Success Stories



The Challenge:

Limited in-house capabilities to run a large-scale TikTok influencer marketing campaign and handle the legal formalities of influencer contracts. Lack of tools to find the right TikTok creators or check their authenticity.


We found, vetted, and partnered with over sixty TikTok creators in the tech niche to promote the brand and their wireless networking products through engaging, scroll-stopping content.





Increase in link clicks on ads

Leads Generated



The Challenge:

We had just three months to create a buzz in the highly competitive holiday gift market with a limited social media presence and no influencer marketing experience.


We designed and scaled a high-impact TikTok and YouTube integration campaign to create buzz around their products and establish a unique brand identity. Leading up to the holidays, we generated leads and drove foot traffic to Walmart to buy Voyager products during the holiday season.



Increase in link clicks on ads

Link Clicks


What Makes us Better Than Any Other TikTok Influencer Marketing Agency?

Our core values of integrity, collaboration, and delight get influencers excited about partnerships with our clients, and when we deliver what we promise to influencers, it shows in the campaign results.

Here are some more of our agency differentiators.


Specialization in
Influencer Marketing

We don’t believe in being a“Jack of all trades”. Influencer marketing is 100% of what we do so we’re experts at it. Our focus makes us experts.

Proprietary Influencer Selection Process

Proprietary Influencer
Selection Process

We have a tried and true process to find the best fit influencers for your brand and vet them to ensure that you only partner with authentic influencers.



Each of our campaigns is unique and designed with your goals and target audience in mind. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach.


Integrity, Transparency,
& Trust

Our agency maintains complete transparency and that’s why our clients trust us and come back for more collaborations. We share all the data with you so your team is fully informed.

Unmatched Content

Unmatched Content

Our agency has an in-house content creation team that works with TikTok creators to plan, refine, share, and amplify engaging branded content to promote your brand.

Infinite Influencer Choices

Infinite Influencer

We don’t represent influencers or limit your choices to a small pool of TikTok influencers. We search across all possible channels giving you unlimited options.

Our TikTok influencer marketing agency is all you need to reach your marketing goals and build a solid presence on the platform.

Work with our agency to attract and engage your target TikTok users.

Hire Us to Make Your Mark on TikTok

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Our 12-Step Influencer Marketing Process
is Proven to Deliver Results

Our 12-Step Influencer Marketing Process Our 12-Step Influencer Marketing Process

Whether you want to delegate all campaign work to us or you want to stay in touch with all aspects of the campaign, we’ll adapt to your needs.

When you work with our agency, you can rest assured that we will set clear goals and expected KPIs for your campaign and then achieve results that exceed them.

Hire Us for Your Campaign
delegate all campaign work to us

Frequently Asked Questions

A TikTok influencer marketing agency, like ours, specializes in helping brands plan and run successful influencer campaigns on the platform.

Some influencer marketing agencies also represent influencers, but that makes their talent pool too limited. Our TikTok marketing agency only represents brands and offers unlimited influencer options for our clients.

Our agency has 6+ years of experience in the field of influencer marketing, and we’ve been working with creators on TikTok since the platform first launched.

We have worked with both startups and Fortune 500 companies to scale their influencer marketing efforts and deliver ROI through TikTok campaigns. Leverage our services to run engaging TikTok marketing campaigns custom fit to your brand’s needs.

Get Hyped is a fully-managed agency that will plan, execute, and scale your TikTok influencer marketing campaigns from start to finish. From finding TikTok influencers and negotiating contracts to helping influencers create authentic content and whitelist it, we do it all.

Yes, TikTok is an excellent platform for working with creators. TikTok is one of the fastest growing social media platforms that’s being increasingly used for influencer marketing. The platform has a wide range of audiences represented with Gen Z and Millennials being the largest demographics. This makes TikTok an effective marketing platform for brands that have Gen Z and Millennials as their target audience.

Prices for posts on TikTok range from product-for-post to $100,000 or more for the largest and most popular creators. Many established micro-influencers and the larger influencers will have a rate sheet that they will provide upon request that you can use as a starting point for your negotiations. Alternatively, you can let us handle negotiations by hiring our agency for your next campaign.

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Our agency understands how TikTok works and how to best leverage the creativity of content creators. Let us plan a winning TikTok influencer marketing campaign for your brand.

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