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Our Fashion Influencer Marketing Agency Connects Premium Brands with Their
Target Market

Our influencer marketing agency has mastered the strategy and process required to execute successful influencer marketing campaigns for fashion brands.

Influencer Marketing Strategy Design

We assess your needs and design a custom strategy including platform focus, creative content concepts, and key messaging guidelines.

Unlimited Influencer Search and Selection

Our team of experts finds the top performing influencers unique to your premium fashion brand using a combination of influencer search tools and our proven network.

Influencer Outreach & Contract Negotiation

After you approve our list of premium fashion influencers, we negotiate and enter into agreements with them on your behalf ensuring high-quality, on-brand content is delivered on schedule.

Campaign Execution and Optimization

We take care of influencer communications, draft reviews, content collection, and analytics for your fashion influencer marketing campaign so your team can be hands off.

Content Creation and Amplification

Our creative experts guide your chosen influencers in how to create engaging and high-quality content for your brand with a detailed creative brief including suggested concepts, key messaging, and specific DOs and DON’Ts.

Analytics & Quarterly Reporting

We track campaign performance in real-time plus provide you with a detailed performance report each quarter that includes influencer feedback and valuable campaign insights to improve campaign performance.


We execute as an extension of your in-house team, custom designing and executing every aspect of your campaign. We don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach.

Our Award-Winning Agency Provides Best-In-Class Services

We Specialize in Running All Types of Campaigns with Fashion Influencers

We know exactly which type of campaigns to run to achieve your specific marketing goals.



Get fashion influencers to showcase your products in action and explain why your premium products beat the competition.



A mere brand mention from a popular fashion influencer can put your brand on the map and get people to try your products.



Hire fashion influencers to create unique and engaging videos where they show their audience the best ways to utilize your products.



Enter into a long-term partnership with the right fashion influencers and make them your brand ambassadors.



Hire a variety of fashion influencers to promote your latest sale or offer, and create a buzz around your ongoing promotions.


Giveaways &

Get new customers to try your products first-hand by co-hosting a giveaway that attracts a large audience.

Let our fashion influencer
marketing agency design the
perfect campaign for your brand
so you can achieve your desired results.


Case Studies

Check out some of our success stories


Selfmade Eyewear

The Challenge:

To create high-impact and high-converting social content around a brand on a limited budget in the competitive men’s accessories industry.


Find and partner with content creators on Instagram who fit with the brands unique, premium image.


Premium Videos & Images Created

licensing rights

Perpetual, digital licensing rights to content for the brand

Increase in link clicks on ads

Increase in link clicks on ads


Atlas Drifts Swimwear

The Challenge:

To create social awareness for a newly launched brand.


We collaborated with influencers to generate premium images and videos to generate buzz and equip the brand with high-performing lifestyle content.


Premium social images and videos

licensing rights

Perpetual, digital licensing rights to content for the brand for use on website and social ads

Increase in website traffic

Increase in website traffic


What Sets Us Apart from Other Fashion Influencer Marketing Agencies

We spend 100% of our time focused on influencer marketing.

Our team is led by experienced influencer marketing specialists who are accomplished in the fashion brand market.



We provide personalized services and create bespoke influencer marketing campaigns for our clients.



We’re not limited by an influencer network or one specific software platform which allows us to find and partner with the best influencers for your brand.



We only work with authentic influencers because we have the industry leading tools and experience to spot fake followers and engagement from a mile away.



From TikTok to YouTube, our team of experts can help you run any type of influencer marketing campaign on any social media channel.



Our team of influencer marketing specialists manually review every detail of a creator’s social history via HYPE Check, our proprietary vetting system to ensure only the highest quality influencers.



Our influencer marketing service is more specialized than any other agency because influencer marketing is 100% of our agency’s focus.

We’re specialists, not generalists.

Other agencies spend a fraction of their time working in influencer marketing, but we spend 100% of our time working with social media creators.

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Our Influencer Marketing Process is
Proven to Deliver Success

Our 12-step process is designed to continuously improve the results from your brand’s influencer partnerships turning casual partners into long-term ambassadors.

12-Step Influencer Marketing Process 12-Step Influencer Marketing Process

Hire our fashion influencer marketing agency to plan a winning campaign by pairing up with the top fashion social media influencers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Influencer marketing agencies help brands find and effectively collaborate with influencers on social media marketing campaigns.

A full-service influencer agency like ours provides the following services:

  • Planning the campaign strategy
  • Finding and selecting influencers
  • Reaching out to influencers and negotiating contracts
  • Managing the influencer relationship from first contact to payment
  • Guiding influencers to create engaging content
  • Tracking performance and providing campaign insights

Here are some factors for agency selection to consider:

  • Experience of working with fashion brands and influencers
  • Expertise and skills of the agency’s team members
  • Access to industry tools and technology
  • Past client work and success stories
  • Scope of services offered
  • Percentage of agency’s services that are influencer-focused
  • Campaign results promised relative to budget

Most agencies rely on either a single influencer search tool or their own internal network of influencers.

Our fashion influencer marketing agency gives you unlimited access to the entire creator marketplace. We don’t limit our search to any one platform or in-house network, which means you’ll have access to all of the top performing influencers or all sizes.

And we’ll help you make the right choices by recommending only the most relevant influencers for your brand.

It takes a lot of planning, expertise, time, and effort to execute a successful social media influencer marketing campaign. Even many of the most seasoned marketers find the task daunting.

If you hire our fashion influencer marketing agency, you’ll be able to simply hand us your requirements and we’ll do the rest.

Investing in a proven and experienced influencer marketing agency costs much less than trying it yourself or hiring an agency that “also does influencer marketing”.

Influencer marketing agencies charge a fee to design and manage influencer campaigns for brands. This fee is usually a percentage of the brand’s total budget and can range from 15% to 50% depending on the size of the budget, scope of the campaign, and experience of the agency.

Some agencies also represent influencers and help them find brand partnership deals. We don’t represent influencers because we feel that it’s a conflict of interest, and it severely limits a brand’s influencer choices.

Contact us and we’ll be happy to help you with your next fashion influencer marketing campaign!

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