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Whether you want to run a targeted campaign with local influencers or scale it up to a global level, we’ve got you covered. We’ve helped clients get 12x ROI and thousands of leads from influencer marketing and can do the same for you.

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Delivering the Best Influencer Marketing Services in Los Angeles

Get Hyped is a fully-managed influencer marketing agency in Los Angeles with both local and international clients.

We specialize in defining detailed audience personas to create hyper-targeted campaigns.

Research and Strategy

We’ll understand your target audience and market to design a campaign strategy, set goals, create audience personas, and design a creative brief.

Influencer Search
and Vetting

We’ll help you understand which influencers are the best fit for your brand and why. We’ll also give you unlimited influencer options to choose from.

Influencer Contracts

We’ll reach out to shortlisted influencers who align well with your brand, negotiate terms, and finalize contracts that protect your brand legally.

Content Review

Content Review
and Approval

Our team reviews each piece of influencer content to ensure that it meets your expectations and FTC guidelines before it gets published.

Content Distribution
& Amplification

We’ll use whitelisting techniques to amplify your top-performing content and help it work harder for you by reaching a larger audience to drive more ROI.

Performance Reporting
& Insights

We report on every relevant campaign metric weekly during your campaign so your team gains valuable market data to support key business decisions.

real and authentic influencers

People are influenced by people who are like them. And people buy from others who they know, like and trust.

That’s why we only work with real and authentic influencers and help you build long-term relationships with them.

Influencer Agency in Los Angeles

Our Award-Winning Influencer Agency is Not Just Popular in Los Angeles But is Recognized Nationwide

We Can HYPE Your Brand Using a Mix of Different Types of Campaigns

We’ve run successful campaigns in every lifestyle niche from food & beverage and fashion to household goods and fitness.

We’re experts at what we do and can help you enter diverse influencer collaborations to achieve specific goals.

Sponsored Posts


Our experts take sponsored influencer posts to the next level by guiding the creation of compelling captions that spark interest in your products.



We work with influencers to help them create high-impact videos showcasing your products, the best ways to use them, and the benefits that they provide.

Video Reviews


We’ll find the most authentic and influential creators in your niche to create scroll-stopping video reviews of your products that remove the uncertainty of buying.



We understand the value of long-term partnerships and will help you turn influencers into brand ambassadors who consistently promote your products.

Shoppable Stories


We specialize in running high-converting Stories campaigns on Instagram that drive quick sales via unique influencer discount codes or other promotions.

Video Integrations


We’ll find the right influencers to strategically insert key messaging about your products into top video content in your industry building trust with your audience.

Lifestyle brands—like yours
—swear by our ability to deliver
results. Join the bandwagon!

Lifestyle brands

Case Studies

Check Out Some of Our Success Stories



The Challenge:

Creating high-impact UGC from a diverse influencer group to launch their new TikTok channel that appeals to their under 40 target audience.


We partnered with different TikTok creators to generate UGC that showed the brand’s products being used by a diverse group of people in different settings. The campaign helped Macy’s launch its TikTok channel with high-quality content.



Holiday Campaigns

Holiday Campaigns

Premium Videos

Premium Videos


Adventure Ready Brands

The Challenge:

Running three different influencer campaigns for different brands of Adventure Ready Brands. Limited in-house capabilities to find, vet, and manage multiple influencers and run multiple campaigns simultaneously.


We partnered with the top 250 creators in the outdoor and adventure niche to promote the brands and increase foot traffic in retail stores where they were sold. We also used whitelisting to maximize impressions and engagement boosting the top-performing content to the brand’s exact target audience.





Increase in link clicks on ads

Link Clicks

Adventure Ready Brands

What Makes Us the Best Influencer Marketing Agency in Los Angeles?

We focus on your target audience and understand their wants, aspirations, fears, and frustrations to design hyper-targeted campaigns that resonate with them.

Here are the things that set us apart from other influencer marketing agencies.


Focus &

We’re specialists, not generalists. Influencer marketing is 100% of our focus. We are the best agency at delivering high-impact campaigns for lifestyle brands.



Unlike other agencies, we don’t limit your influencer selections to a private network. Through our agency, you can reach any and every influencer in the world.



We assess your needs, goals, target audience, and market dynamics to create highly-targeted, customized, and unique influencer campaigns that will deliver ROI quickly.

Authenticity Trust

Authenticity &

We believe in growing our clients organically and sustainably, without any unethical practices, and ensure that our influencers reflect the same values.

Content Quality


Our in-house team of content experts ensure the utmost content quality using detailed creative briefs and a strict content review and approval process.



Our experts can spot fake influencers from a mile away. Our proprietary influencer vetting process ensures you work only with honest and authentic influencers.

Our core values of integrity and collaboration drive us to work as part of your team and grow your brand like it's ours.

We believe in long-term relationships and that’s why both our clients and influencers come back for more partnerships with our agency.

Lets Run a Successful Campaign

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Our 12-Step Influencer Marketing Process
Has a Proven Track Record of Success

Our proprietary process ensures that all our campaigns are a roaring success. We adapt to your needs while ensuring the level of quality that our agency is known for.

12-Step Influencer Marketing Process 12-Step Influencer Marketing Process

If you’re looking for an agency in Los Angeles that understands your market dynamics, make Get Hyped your first choice.

Hire our agency for all your needs, be it a local micro-influencer campaign or a national celebrity campaign.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get Hyped has 6 years of experience as an influencer marketing agency.

We’ve worked with everyone from Fortune 500 brands to startups so we understand the ins and outs of influencer marketing from every perspective.

Whether you want to partner with local influencers in Los Angeles or the top influencers nationwide, our team has the expertise to deliver results for your brand.

We offer customized plans and prices depending on each client’s unique needs and goals. Here are some factors that determine the scope and price of a campaign:

  • What are your campaign goals? Popular goals are brand awareness, content generation and conversions.
  • How large of an audience are you looking to reach?
  • What social media platforms are included in your campaign? Video is king in 2022 for capturing and holding consumer attention so we focus on and recommend YouTube, Instagram and TikTok.
  • What size influencers do you need? From micro to celebrity, each size of influencer has it’s benefits.
  • And more!

We can manage your entire campaign or just guide you through expert influencer strategies, depending on your requirements.

Get Hyped is a leading influencer marketing agency not just in Los Angeles but the entire US. We have a proven track record of delivering successful campaigns one after the other and can do the same for you.

We will help you with all aspects of influencer marketing from content creation to performance evaluation on key metrics. Whether you want to boost brand visibility, audience engagement, or sales, we can help you win.

Of course! We tap our network and use the top influencer search tools to give you access to the top influencers in Los Angeles. We’ll not only find the most relevant social media influencers for your brand on different social media channels, we’ll also offer you plenty of options to choose from.

Definitely! Influencer marketing is undoubtedly one of the most relevant and impactful marketing tactics in today’s world. People love following influencers that they can relate to, and they trust their recommendations.

Influencers can convince their audiences to try new products and buy from brands that no one has heard of. That’s the power of influencer marketing and our agency will help you use that power to your advantage.

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Work with our influencer marketing agency to reach your target audience and win them over by having relevant influencers promote your brand. We can put your brand on the map and make it a household name.

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