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Get Hyped is a leading influencer marketing agency in New York City with Fortune 500 companies as clients. We have delivered 12x ROI to clients with our hyper-targeted campaigns and can do the same for you.

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Delivering the Best Influencer Marketing Services in New York City (NYC)

We offer end-to-end services and can plan, execute, and scale your campaigns to help you achieve your marketing goals.

Here are some of the services that our agency offers.

Strategy Design

We understand your requirements and target audience to design a completely customized influencer marketing strategy for your brand.

Influencer Selection

Through our agency you have access to any of the 200 million plus influencers worldwide, and we’ll show you which influencers are best for your brand’s goals.

Contract Management

We protect you from legal hassles by finalizing detailed contracts that include legal protections, FTC guidelines, and all the campaign details.

Content Review

Content Review

We provide detailed creative briefs to influencers, help them create the best content for your brand, and review all content before posting.

Content Amplification

Our influencer marketing experts use influencer whitelisting to amplify the reach and engagement of your content to deliver the maximum ROI.

Performance Reporting

We report weekly on every possible campaign metric, and we provide detailed campaign reports with key learnings and market insights.

build and nurture long-term

We understand that the true success of influencer marketing lies in turning your customers into genuine brand advocates.

We’ll help you build and nurture long-term, mutually-beneficial influencer relationships that transform customers into ambassadors.

NYC Influencer Agency is Recognized

Our Award-Winning Agency NYC Influencer Agency is Recognized Globally

We Can Help You With Any Type of Influencer Collaboration

Our agency is 100% focused on influencer marketing and has run all types of influencer campaigns for consumer brands.

We’re experts in the space and that reflects in our campaign process that’s proven to deliver immediate results.

Sponsored Posts


Want to get top influencers talking about your products?
We will help them create engaging and impactful sponsored posts for you.



Need influencers to show your products in use to generate interest in them?
Our experts will guide them on how to create the best informative videos.

Sponsored Posts


Do you need more online reviews to provide social proof to your prospects?
We’ll find trustworthy influencers to create product review videos.



Need authentic influencers for long-term brand partnerships?
We’ll find you a bunch of trusted influencers to be your brand ambassadors.



Want to instantly boost your ecommerce sales using social media?
We’ll help you leverage the power of shoppable stories to do that.

Video Integrations


Want influencers to subtly mention your products in their videos?
We’ll help them create top video content to build trust in your brand.

Dozens of lifestyle brands
—like yours—have leveraged
our services to exceed
their marketing goals.

Dozens of lifestyle brands

Case Studies

Check Out Some of Our Success Stories



The Challenge:

Launching a TikTok channel that appeals to their under 40 customer base and showcases diverse influencer content.


We worked with a wide range of TikTok creators who showcased apparel by Macy’s for different seasons, body types, etc. We let the creators pick products of their choice to create fashion styles that align with the brand’s aesthetic.



Holiday Campaigns

Holiday Campaigns

Premium Videos

Premium Videos



The Challenge:

Creating high-impact social media content and community for the brand. Creating a distinct brand identity and starting conversations about the brand in the culinary community.


We partnered with top creators in the food industry to build brand awareness and affinity. Our influencer content strategy helped establish Zelite as a premium brand and created HYPE around it. The campaign was so successful that it became a catalyst in the process of Zelite being acquired by an international e-commerce PE firm.





Premium Videos

Premium Images & Videos


What Makes Us the Best Influencer Marketing Agency in NYC?

Here’re some reasons why you should choose us over other marketing agencies in NYC.



We’re not generalists. We’re specialists. Unlike other agencies, influencer marketing is 100% of our focus and that’s what makes us the very best at what we do.

Creator Choices

Creator Choices

We don’t pick influencers out of a limited roster. Instead, we use our creator network and every tool at our disposal to give you unlimited creator options to choose from.



Each of our campaigns is unique because it’s designed specifically with the client’s goals and target audience in mind. That’s why our campaigns are successful.



We offer high-touch, premium influencer marketing services that are performance-driven, client-focused, and completely customized.

Thought Leaders

Thought Leaders

Our influencer marketing experts are thought leaders in the industry. They create content that impacts the industry on a macro scale.

Influencer Vetting

Influencer Vetting

Our proprietary influencer vetting process ensures that you only work with the best influencers that are the perfect fit for your brand and products.

If you’re looking for best-in-class influencer marketing services in NYC, then look no further than Get Hyped.

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Our 12-Step Influencer Marketing Process Delivers Unmatched Results

While we customize our campaign approach according to each client, our influencer marketing process is proven to ensure results.

12-Step Influencer Marketing Process 12-Step Influencer Marketing Process

We understand the needs, wants, fears, and aspirations of your target audience and create content that resonates with them.

Hire our agency to take your social community to the next level.

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create content that resonates

Why Should You Invest in Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing can help you achieve multiple goals simultaneously.

Here are some goals you can achieve via influencer marketing.

Raise Brand Awareness

Raise Brand

Influencers can put your brand on the map by a mere mention or a positive review of your products and we can help boost the impact.


Reach New

Influencers can introduce your brand to their followers and help you reach new audiences and gain new customers on social media.


Drive Website Traffic
from Social Media

Influencers can link to specific web pages on your site or a custom campaign landing page to drive traffic from social media increasing sales.

Generate More Leads and Sales

Generate More
Leads and Sales

Influencers can share discount codes and other promotional offers to encourage their followers to buy from your brand or learn more through a drip campaign.

Strengthen Brand Image

Strengthen Brand

Influencers can boost your brand image and add credibility to your brand through positive reviews detailing your product features and benefits.

Grow Social Community

Grow Social

Influencers can create premium content that generates engagements and boosts your brand’s online visibility, helping accelerate the growth of your following.

Influencer marketing is an effective tactic and our agency makes it even more powerful via advanced audience targeting and a premium, proven process.

Work with our agency in NYC to run high-touch influencer marketing campaigns that deliver immediate results.

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More Reasons to Choose Get Hyped

Don’t make the mistake of working with a generalist agency that “also does influencer marketing”. Remove the trial and error and make your campaign a success the first time by working with an agency of influencer marketing experts.

Here are some reasons why our agency is the clear best choice.

More Reasons to Choose Get Hyped

Our experts understand the market dynamics and industry trends required to design campaigns that deliver immediate ROI.

Frequently Asked Questions

An influencer marketing agency helps brands design and run influencer marketing campaigns. A fully-managed agency like ours will manage all aspects of an influencer marketing campaign from influencer selection to performance reporting.

Here’s a list of services that our agency provides:

  • Influencer marketing strategy design
  • Influencer search and selection
  • Influencer outreach and price negotiation
  • Contract negotiation and management
  • Campaign management
  • Content creation and amplification
  • Performance tracking and reporting

If you’re looking for a premium influencer marketing agency in NYC, then Get Hyped is your first choice.

That depends on the type of services you want and the scope and complexity of your campaign.

Our agency in NYC, creates a custom strategy for each client based on their goals, industry, and target audience. We then create a scope of the project, based on which we quote our prices.

Each client’s budget is unique, based on their specific goals.

Get Hyped has 6+ years of experience in delivering successful results for our clients. We’ve helped clients realize 12x ROI from influencer marketing and can do the same for you.

Also, we don’t represent talent in-house, so you get to work with the top talent in your niche, be it in NYC or anywhere in the world.

Yes! We tap our proven network and use the top industry search tools to provide you with unlimited influencer options. We will find the best and most relevant influencers in NYC within your niche and present you with the ones that align perfectly with your brand.

We don’t focus on vanity metrics and thoroughly vet each influencer to find the top performers with a track record of successful brand collaborations.

Our proprietary influencer selection process ensures that you only work with top talent in the industry and don’t waste money on fake influencers.

Yes, influencer marketing is one of the most versatile and effective marketing tactics that can help you achieve multiple goals like:

  • Raising brand awareness
  • Enabling brand discovery
  • Driving website traffic
  • Generating leads and conversions
  • Creating a unique brand image
  • Boosting social media presence

Using a proven influencer marketing agency like Get Hyped you can achieve these results faster and get more bang for your buck. Let’s run some iconic influencer marketing campaigns together!

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Get Hyped is an influencer marketing agency in NYC trusted by Fortune 500 brands and startups alike. Use our expertise to take your influencer marketing to the next level.

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