Zelite Infinity Knives

Creating HYPE on social media and growing a brand in a competitive household consumer goods market

Zelite Infinity Knives

Creating HYPE on social media and growing their following


Zelite Infinity was created with a single goal in mind – to make the perfect chef knife. A knife with great balance, outstanding performance, lasting edge-retention and superior comfort – at a great price.

Designed for professional chefs and home cooks, the perfectly weighted and contoured collection of chef knives deliver on that goal and are sure to ignite your culinary passion.

Zelite Infinity came to Get Hyped looking to grow their social attention while also differentiating themselves from their competitors. Get Hyped accomplished this by providing value to Zelite’s target audience through high-performing social content and generating conversations in the culinary community.

Key Challenges

  • Establishing a social content strategy
  • Executing consistent social content
  • Generating high-impact, converting content
  • Creating social conversations around the brand

Our Approach

  • Create a social strategy and aesthetic that differentiates
  • Partner with top-performing influencers to generate high-impact content
  • Execute on posting consistent, value-adding content
  • Reach new audiences through influencers to grow brand awareness
  • Grow brand affinity through value-adding conversations on social

Social Examples

AJ | The Hobby Drink Chef
Jill Baril | Eating Gluten And Dairy Free
Paul Robinson | The Yorkshire Gourmet
Campaign Sizzle Reel

The Results






Pieces of content

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