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Following a highly competitive process, Get Hyped Media won big at the 2021 Food and Drinks Awards.

The award for the Best Emerging CPG Influencer Marketing Agency 2021 for excellence in running influencer marketing campaigns is an honor, and it affirms our passion to help lifestyle brands grow globally.

The years have flown by since Get Hyped opened its doors in 2016 as an influencer marketing agency to help CPG and D2C reach their target market effectively.

With this recognition by LUXlife Magazine, it’s clear that Get Hyped’s portfolio continues to impress as our team consistently delivers tangible results.

Here’s more about Get Hyped’s prestigious award and how we received it:


Image via LUXLife

LUXlife Magazine

LUXlife Magazine by AI Global Media is a prestigious and highly informative quarterly publication that awards pacesetters in different industries.

Their brands cover the best trends in the food and drink, jewelry, health and beauty, art, hospitality, and technology industries from all over the globe.

This award was a recognition of the agency’s outstanding contribution to accelerating growth for diverse brands through influencer marketing.

LUXLife 2

Image via LUXLife

So, what does the media award tell us about this uniquely niched marketing agency?

1. Specialist Strategy

The Best Emerging CPG Influencer Marketing Agency 2021 award has brought to the fore the strategy Get Hyped utilizes to create exclusive and results-oriented marketing campaigns to expedite the growth of brands globally.

Forming great relationships with influencers allows the agency to create the perfect depiction of a brand and maximize ROI.

2. Get Hyped’s Expert Marketing Team

This media award would not have been possible without the formidable influencer marketing team at Get Hyped. These expert influencer marketers have acquired a wealth of experience in managing content creators on a global scale.

The team understands that each brand brings its own unique ideas and challenges to the drawing board. With access to an unlimited network of the best-performing social media influencers, we create a custom strategy for each campaign to deliver the best impact.

Get Hyped has a vibrant in-house team that provides best-in-class white-glove campaign execution. In an interview after receiving this award, Get Hyped’s co-founder, Kristina Coughlin, stated that Get Hyped takes great pride in exceeding customer expectations.

Part of what makes it great to work with the Get Hyped team is that the agency is not limited to just a small number of in-house influencers or a rigid software platform. This means that brands can always partner with the top performing influencers in their niche.

And through the HYPE-Check Influencer Qualification System, the agency provides its clients with an authentic influencer marketing experience.

3. Get Hyped Possesses Multi-Niche Expertise

Get Hyped’s ability to adopt different strategies for various sectors has also played a role in elevating the agency to the award-winning influencer marketing powerhouse it is today.

Some of the industry niches Get Hyped has proudly worked in include food and beverage, consumer technology, pet care, health and nutrition, apparel, home goods, eyewear, beauty and body care, toys, arts and crafts, and entertainment, among many others.

4. The Social Media Marketing Surge

Many brands these days have started reaching out to their customers directly on social media, a trend not likely to slow down. There’s lots of competition across social platforms, however, and connecting with top influencers in their niche is not often an easy task.

As Aaron Wdowin, founder of Cover Three puts it, Get Hyped’s deep network of influencers has eliminated the need to create a talent pool from scratch, a time-consuming project to be sure.

Get Hyped is an agency offering exclusive influencer marketing services at a time when demand for these services is ever-increasing. And as it experiences exponential growth of its own, the hunt for top talent is ever-increasing.

That’s why they’ve invested in an in-house training program to transform “green marketers’’ into polished influencer experts.

As Aaron and many other happy clients laud the agency for its successful campaigns, this media award win confirms what they already know: that Get Hyped’s expertise is the key to a successful influencer campaign.

How Can This Award-Winning Agency Help Your Company?

Influencer marketing for lifestyle brands is Get Hyped’s core business. We help you create and execute social media marketing campaigns so that you can direct important and influential connections straight to your customers.

Here’s an overview of our services:

  • Influencer marketing strategy
  • Content creation and amplification
  • Influencer recruitment and ambassador programs
  • Campaign execution and optimization
  • Audience data and feedback

The most popular social media platforms for influencer marketing are Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. If you want to find influencers on these platforms, then Get Hyped is the perfect choice as these platforms specifically are where we specialize.

Why Should a Brand Take Up Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing has truly come of age. No brands can ignore its significant impact in the marketing world, and those who haven’t yet started are scrambling to catch up!

Some of the best benefits you can gain from influencer marketing include:

  • Brand awareness: Influencer marketing is the one of the fastest channels you can use to take your little-known brand and turn it into a household name across several social media platforms.
  • Great publicity: With a reasonable budget, you can reap the benefits of having influencers represent your brand whenever you need them.
  • Improved brand image: Consumers are more likely to buy a product that is associated with a figure they admire. You help your brand gain traction by putting a respected face behind it.
  • Budget maximization: Many influencers look for long-term engagements that will bring in a steady income. For this reason, they’re willing to give a better rate per post if they perceive the partnership to be mutually beneficial long-term

In-House vs Agency Marketing Campaigns: Which One Works Best?

If you are considering integrating influencer marketing as part of your overall marketing strategy, then cost is likely a major factor to consider. While it may be cheaper to build in-house campaigns, working with an experienced agency will save you a lot of headaches.

You can tap into the expertise of dedicated social media marketers who will provide up-to-date strategies that work for specific social media platforms. All you need to do is to communicate your goals, and they’ll do the legwork for you.

An agency provides more value in the long run by utilizing the latest industry tools, handpicked influencers, and their expertise in the industry.

As a full-service influencer marketing agency that specializes in the design and execution of white-glove influencer marketing campaigns, Get Hyped is sure to be a great fit to help you achieve your business marketing goals.

“But how long does it take to get tangible results from influencer marketing?,” you may ask.

This is a genuine concern for many brands.

Here’s the truth:

Influencers will not instantly lead to tons of new clicks, leads, and improved sales for your business. Depending on attributes such as the product, budget, campaign, process, and execution, tangible results often start showing within the first three months.

The key here is to not stop after getting impressive results in the initial stages. Brands that extend their campaigns to six months and longer enjoy exponential success. This is simply because their network of influencers consistently display their products to the right target market over a period of time building results.

Case Studies: The Success Stories Behind Get Hyped

Get Hyped has helped many brands grow. Let’s take a look at just a few of the success stories we take great pride in:

Trend Micro

This company offers a protection device that is applicable for both home and workspaces. Plugged into the router, the device scans for threats and prevents hacks, intrusions, and cyberattacks.

Get Hyped created and launched social media influencer campaigns, tech reviews, and videos to increase brand awareness and get customer feedback.

Campaigns for Trend Micro have brought in over 12.4 million impressions, 540K engagements, and 15,000 link clicks.


Voyager creates innovative and safe electric vehicles that customers can use for fun or commuting. The biggest goal for the company was to create awareness of their new products in time for the holiday shopping season.

Get Hyped created and executed a TikTok influencer campaign, a CTA to generate Walmart leads, and a campaign challenge paired with trendy music to create hype around the brand.

The overall results were 2.1 million impressions, a $0.12 CPE, a $0.10 CPM, and 4,816 link clicks.

Here’s a list of other satisfied clients that Get Hyped has worked with:

Ready to Partner With Get Hyped?

Influencer marketing is a great channel for growing brand awareness and sales. Get Hyped provides you with a dedicated team of experts in influencer marketing who will work professionally within your budget.

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Dan Coughlin

Dan Coughlin

Unlike most digital marketers, Dan Coughlin has a degree in Electrical Engineering from Penn State and engineered nuclear submarines for the US Navy, before eventually becoming Vice President for a US Navy Supplier. During that time Dan’s wife, Kristina, was hustling on the side as an Instagram influencer in the foodie niche. Dan and Kristina saw first hand how lousy most brand partnerships are presented. Many brands who approached Kristina for a partnership struggled to effectively communicate their marketing goals. They simply did not understand how to work with influencers to get results. Dan saw an incredible opportunity to combine his science-minded and results-driven engineering background with Kristina’s influencer marketing expertise to create something totally new in the social media space. Get Hyped is a full-stack influencer marketing agency empowering honest brands to grow exponentially by partnering with the right social media creators and creating content that actually converts. Unlike other agencies, we’re focused on one thing, and one thing only: Delivering high-touch, premium, done-for-you influencer marketing campaigns that are driven by performance data. Since Get Hyped was founded in 2016, Dan and his team have helped dozens of brands drastically increase their marketing ROI with strategic influencer partnerships on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. Collectively Get Hyped has earned over 100 million organic impressions and 10 million social media engagements for our clients to date. Will you be next?