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At Get Hyped, we believe in the power of dedication, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Our journey in the realm of Social Media Optimization (SMO) has been fueled by our passion for creating impactful online narratives. Today, we’re thrilled to announce that our commitment has been recognized.

PromotionWorld – a trusted name in the digital arena – has bestowed upon us the prestigious “Best SMO Company” award for October 2023!

The selection criteria for this award encompass several pivotal factors: offered services, package diversity, value, customer service, feedback, and website popularity. It’s an honor to be acknowledged based on these rigorous standards, reinforcing our status as industry front-runners.

See our name shining among the best: Get Hyped on PromotionWorld’s List

But what does this award mean to us? It’s more than just a title. It’s a testament to our team’s hard work, our clients’ unwavering trust, and our collective journey towards creating resonating digital footprints. To be declared an industry leader not only validates our efforts but also ignites the fire to push boundaries further.

PromotionWorld’s aim with the Top 10 Best SMO Company award is to spotlight the influencer and social media marketing industry’s crème de la crème, and we are humbled to be part of this select circle. We’re not just on this list; we’re here to redefine what optimal SMO looks like.

We are also intrigued by the opportunity to contribute to PromotionWorld as columnists. Sharing knowledge and insights with a broader audience aligns seamlessly with our values, and we look forward to adding our voice to their platform.

To our clients, supporters, and team: This recognition is as much yours as it is ours. We embarked on this journey together, and every challenge turned into an achievement because of our shared vision.

From the depths of our digital hearts, thank you for trusting, challenging, and growing with Get Hyped. Here’s to many more accolades and trailblazing campaigns in the future!

Dan Coughlin

Dan Coughlin

Dan is a seasoned digital marketing strategist, Cofounder, and Managing Director of Get Hyped. Dan’s expertise lies in developing creative storytelling strategies and compelling content that drives conversions and enhances ROI. Alongside his wife Kristina, an established Instagram foodie influencer, Dan has developed innovative marketing strategies that deliver measurable results for consumer brands. With his dynamic blend of technical knowledge and creative flair, Dan continues to revolutionize the way brands leverage social media and influencers to connect with their audiences and drive growth. When he's not devising marketing strategies, you can find Dan exploring the vibrant food scene with his family or unwinding with a cigar and a good book.