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Dan Coughlin Reveals 5X ROI Influencer Strategy for Electronics Brands

When brands approach Get Hyped for influencer marketing services, most of the time it’s because they know they “should” be working with influencers to promote their products. The problem is, brands tend to approach influencer marketing solely as a quick fix to boost sales in the short term. In reality, influencer marketing should be a strategic puzzle piece amplifying all of your other long-term marketing tactics. 

Our Cofounder Dan Coughlin recently joined the Garlic Marketing Show to debunk this and other common influencer marketing myths. He’s also sharing best practices and revealing his 5X ROI process for electronics brands. 

Watch the full episode below! 

Let’s use Get Hyped’s client Platin Audio as an example. They are a consumer electronics brand creating high-end, dynamic, wireless home surround sound systems. They reached out to Get Hyped to understand how to effectively partner with influencers and generate results that met the priorities of the entire organization, from marketing managers and engineering to the CEO and even their board. 

Using our proven approach we discovered there was an entire audience segment – millennial moms, who make many buying decisions – that Platin Audio was failing to reach. The misconception that their target audience might be majority male or full of advanced technology users may have led to previous inefficiencies with influencer marketing. 

As a result of expanding their influencer niches and target audience, their first campaign performed 25% above the stretch goal KPIs that were set. 

Like Platin, most brands don’t know how to partner with influencers effectively and end up frustrated with their results the first, second or even third time around. And so unfortunately they get frustrated and quit, leaving tons of money on the table. 

If you’re just getting started with influencer marketing or you aren’t ready to dive into a large campaign, here are some of the best practices shared in the podcast that will help you along the way: 

  • Get crystal clear on your goals and target audience before you start influencer outreach – the big influencer you’ve seen everywhere might not have an audience that matches what you’re looking for. 
  • Start small – even if you find one influencer to work with on a site like UpWork, start there and then experiment with different niches, analyze your data, and optimize for the future. 
  • Make sure you get rights to the content for at least 3 months after your first campaign – you can repurpose this for your own social media or other digital platforms. 

Wondering how your current campaigns stack up or how to find those perfectly aligned partners? 

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Dan Coughlin

Dan Coughlin

Dan is a seasoned digital marketing strategist, Cofounder, and Managing Director of Get Hyped. Dan’s expertise lies in developing creative storytelling strategies and compelling content that drives conversions and enhances ROI. Alongside his wife Kristina, an established Instagram foodie influencer, Dan has developed innovative marketing strategies that deliver measurable results for consumer brands. With his dynamic blend of technical knowledge and creative flair, Dan continues to revolutionize the way brands leverage social media and influencers to connect with their audiences and drive growth. When he's not devising marketing strategies, you can find Dan exploring the vibrant food scene with his family or unwinding with a cigar and a good book.