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Tech influencers on Instagram have proved to be a necessary bridge between consumers and brands manufacturing or selling tech products.

And by collaborating with them, your tech brand can expand reach, increase awareness, and build audience trust.

But how?

These social media influencers create authentic content and share it with their followers in the form of sponsored content, gadget reviews, unboxing videos, product comparisons, etc. They can help keep your audience updated on the latest products, events, or company news.

Best of all?

They can even help drive great results for your company in terms of return on investment (ROI). That’s perhaps why 90% of marketers using influencer marketing are happy with the results and wish to continue leveraging it.

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But which tech influencers on Instagram can your brand work with?

Find out below.

Tech Influencers on Instagram Your Brand Can Collaborate With

Top tech influencers on Instagram bring two huge benefits to your brand: an engaged audience and authority.

These social media influencers have built a reputation as experts in the tech field, and their audience trusts them for recommendations.

Additionally, their expertise in the industry improves the value of their endorsement of your brand, and they have followers already primed for conversions.

But how can you run a successful influencer marketing campaign when collaborating with the tech influencers on Instagram? Here’s how:

  • Run an analysis on their engagement and other partnerships they’ve done with other brands to see the kind of content they create
  • Ensure their content, values, and audience match your brand’s
  • Once you start working with them, provide clear guidelines and expectations
  • Give the tech influencers on Instagram creative freedom since they know what content their audience responds to
  • Keep the influencer informed about the latest news, product updates, and new features
  • Interact with the content the influencer posts and answer any questions the audience may have about your product features
  • Track the performance of each influencer to ensure they deliver as expected

And now that you know how to work with tech influencers on Instagram effectively, here are some popular content creators in the industry.

1. Marques Brownlee @mkbhd

Marques Brownlee

Image via Instagram

Marques Brownlee is among the best tech influencers on Instagram. He posts interviews, product reviews, and videos of the best tech in the market.

His YouTube channel also has detailed videos, thus making him a great resource for people looking to buy the latest electric cars, phones, accessories, robots, and drones.

Marques also runs the podcast Waveform, where he and his co-host Andrew Manganelli dive into the latest tech industry trends and what their listeners should buy.

He is a great catch for brands looking for influencer-generated content since he provides detailed breakdowns of products on his channels.

2. Sara Dietschy @saradietschy

Sara Dietschy

Image via Instagram

Sara Dietschy is among tech influencers on Instagram who are passionate about the creative process and how technology makes it possible. She uses her social media channels to review phones, laptops, cameras, electric skateboards, and other tech accessories.

But that’s not all

Sarah is also a video producer who vlogs about her travels and runs two web series: That Creative Life and Creative Spaces TV.

In the former, she answers questions on freelance filmmaking, while in the latter, she interviews artists, including unconventional photographers, music technicians, 3D artists, etc.

3. Judner Aura @uravgconsumer

Judner Aura

Image via Instagram

Judner Aura is one of the finest tech influencers on Instagram and has made a name from sharing in-depth content on PC/Mac products, phones, headphones, and other tech gadgets.

And if you are a tech consumer brand that wants to maximize influencer campaigns on Instagram, Judner is a great choice because his tech videos are informative.

He has created a likable persona on Instagram and makes it easy even for the average consumer unfamiliar with tech jargon to make informed purchases.

4. Lewis Hilsenteger @unboxtherapy

Lewis Hilsenteger

Image via Instagram

Popular for his YouTube channel Unbox Therapy, Lewis Hilsenteger is among the top successful tech influencers on Instagram and has a huge following.

He boasts 2.2 million Instagram followers and another 18.2 million on his YouTube channel.

But why does he get such huge followership on his Instagram and Unbox Therapy channel?

He creates funny and very informative tech simplified unboxing videos of phones, laptops, headphones, Bluetooth speakers, keyboards, etc.

5. Austin Evans @austinnotduncan

Austin Evans

Image via Instagram

Austin Evans is among the best tech influencers on Instagram and he creates entertaining and funny videos of technological products.

His YouTube channel also features tech reviews, set up instructions, and general discussions on the latest in smartphones, gaming products, PCs, etc.

And if you want a brand ambassador on Instagram who creates authentic content with no useless fillers, Austin is your guy.

His massive reach makes him one of the go-to tech influencers on Instagram.

6. Joshua Vergara @jvtechtea

Joshua Vergara

Image via Instagram

With 209k subscribers on his YouTube channel and 25.8k followers on Instagram, Joshua Vergara is among upcoming tech influencers on Instagram and regularly posts interactive content.

And while he may not have huge followership yet, he is the type of influencer who can help people understand what your tech products are about and why people should buy them.

He creates informative reviews and unboxing videos on phones, laptops, tech accessories, and so much more.

7. Jessica Naziri @jessicanaziri

Jessica Naziri

Image via Instagram

Jessica Naziri is a tech influencer on Instagram who seeks to empower more women to join the tech space.

She is also a digital media entrepreneur, content creator, blogger, and founder of TechSesh.co, a brand that seeks to inspire females in the tech industry.

What’s more?

She shares carefully crafted content about the latest in smart gadgets and phones. Her detailed explanations make it easy to decide if the products are worth buying and that’s what makes her one of the best tech influencers on Instagram.

8. Mathew Moniz @mattmoniz123

Mathew Moniz

Image via Instagram

Mathew Moniz is one tech influencer on Instagram your brand should consider partnering with.

Why is this?

The reason behind this is simple — Mathew is a tech geek who creates informative videos on laptops, phones, TVs, PC builds, smart home products, and so much more. Partnering with him can help increase your product reach while also building trust with your audience.

9. Marie-Philippe Gill @girlknowstech

Marie-Philippe Gill

Image via Instagram

A master’s student in machine learning, Marie-Philippe Gill is among the most popular tech influencers on Instagram. She is passionate about tech and wishes to empower others by sharing her experience.

Her content on Instagram, YouTube, and blog consists of unboxing videos of tech products, reviews, tips, and so much more.

And guess what?

Collaborating with her and amplifying her influencer content can help expand your brand’s digital presence.

10. Sasha Tran @sasha.codes

Sasha Tran

Image via Instagram

As one of the leading women tech influencers on Instagram, Sasha Tran is a UI/UX engineer and web developer who loves coding. Her Instagram content features products she creates as well as development projects she works on.

Additionally, she shares insights on her experiences and provides advice to those willing to join the field. Sasha also shares reviews about smart gadgets, PC accessories, apps, etc.


1. Who is a tech influencer?

Tech influencers are social media experts and bloggers who review or analyze the strengths and weaknesses of new technology products in the market.

They are very instrumental to the industry since they help companies promote their tech products while also guiding buyers into making informed purchases.

2. What do tech influencers do?

Tech influencers inform audiences about the latest tech products through reviews, unboxing videos, tutorials, and more. They also help bridge the gap between consumers and the brands that sell the said tech products.

3. How do you become a tech influencer?

Use these tips to become one of the best tech influencers on Instagram, YouTube, or other channels:

  • Be authentic and ensure your content communicates your level of expertise in a specific niche
  • Include the right hashtags in your content
  • Consistently post content so that you can build a rapport with your audience
  • Leverage tools that can help you automate some of the curation and distribution tasks
  • Be available on more than one social media platform
  • Always seek to learn new things and share them with your followers
  • Ensure your content stands out and provides value to your readers
  • Register with an influencer agency that can help you find brands to collaborate with

4. Who is the biggest tech influencer on Instagram?

The biggest tech influencers on Instagram include:

  • Marques Brownlee
  • Sara Dietschy
  • Judner Aura
  • Lewis Hilsenteger
  • Austin Evans
  • Joshua Vergara
  • Jessica Naziri
  • Mathew Moniz
  • Marie-Philippe Gill
  • Sasha Tran

5. How does an influencer make money?

Influencers make money through different tactics, including:

  • Creating sponsored posts
  • Becoming brand ambassadors
  • Promoting their products
  • Becoming affiliates

Tech Influencers on Instagram: Which One Would Suit Your Brand Needs?

These tech influencers on Instagram can translate the complicated jargon of your tech products or services into consumable content your audience will understand.

Additionally, they can help convince your target audience to purchase your tech products and become loyal customers.

Not sure which of these tech influencers on Instagram would suit your brand?

GetHyped can help you find the perfect tech influencers on Instagram, no matter your niche. So, contact us and we can help you form successful influencer partnerships that’ll lead to a better return on investment.

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Dan Coughlin

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