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Consumers can get overwhelmed in a world with too much information on what’s good for one’s body and what’s not.

Couple this with the lack of trust in adverts, and as a wellness brand, you’ve got a challenge. That’s where a wellness influencer can come in handy.

They can empower your target audience and allay their fears. They are a trusted social media user with a huge audience that follows them for tips, advice, and information on how to stay healthy mentally, physically, or emotionally.

Seeing that consumers have become proactive about wellness and actively seek out information on it, you need to leverage people they can trust to promote your products.

proactive about wellness

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Question is, who are the best health and wellness influencers you can leverage when running an influencer campaign?

Find out below:

Top Wellness Influencers Who Can Help Grow Your Brand

If you’re still wondering whether influencer marketing is right for your brand, consider the many benefits of working with a wellness influencer.

Not only can they help you build awareness, but they can also introduce your products to new audiences, enable you to gain authority, and increase sales.

However, for this to happen, you need to choose a wellness influencer who suits your niche. They should also have a similar target audience, a high engagement rate, influence, and quality content.

So, how can you find the right wellness influencer for your brand?

Here’s a list of the best wellness influencers in the industry today so that you can choose the best one for your brand from them.

1. Melissa Wood – Tepperberg

Melissa Wood - Tepperberg

Image via Instagram

Mellisa Wood is a wellness influencer certified in yoga and pilates. She is also the creator of the MWH Method and uses her website, Melissa Wood Health, to share wellness tips.

This wellness influencer also shares meditation tips, workout videos, motivational quotes, plant-based food tips, helpful advice, etc. on her social accounts.

And in terms of collaborations, she works with brands that support sustainable practices and healthy living.

2. Jerrelle Guy

Jerrelle Guy

Image via Instagram

Jerrelle Guy is a wellness influencer with a huge following and expertise in recipe writing. She is also a food photographer and cookbook stylist with a master’s degree in gastronomy.

She shares high-quality visuals that make her website (Chocolate For Basil) and Instagram feed stand out. Jerrelle also has over 140k followers on Instagram, and working with her can help your brand maximize its reach, especially if you’ve got healthy food on offer.

As a wellness influencer, she collaborates with businesses and media companies in the nutrition and cooking niches.

3. Crosby Tailor

Crosby Tailor

Image via Instagram

Crosby Tailor is a wellness influencer who focuses on health and fitness. His social posts feature content including delicious recipes, nutrition tips, and quality food pics.

This wellness influencer promotes fitness, gut health, and sugar-free desserts. Crosby also uses information gathered over time through research to help his followers make good decisions on self-improvement.

His website, Tailord Life, seeks to provide the necessary tools needed to help people connect their emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental selves so that they can thrive.

Crosby collaborates with brands that focus on improving physical health, gut health, and nutrition.

4. Erin Christ, RD

Erin Christ, RD

Image via Instagram

Erin Christ is a wellness influencer who raises awareness on eating disorders while also empowering her followers to have healthy relationships with food.

She seeks to educate her followers and get them excited about rediscovering their love for life through positivity, self-love, and good, healthy food.

And guess what?

This wellness influencer creates amazing content for her Instagram profile. The quality images she shares featuring colorful bowls, nourishing recipes, fresh ingredients, food tips, etc., can boost a brand’s content arsenal.

Best of all?

You could also amplify the influencer content created by her to further boost your reach and engagement.

Erin promotes brands with a passion for self-care, nutrition, and health wellness.

5. Saarah Wassel Samadani

Saarah Wassel Samadani

Image via Instagram

Saarah Samadani is a wellness influencer who considers herself a holistic health practitioner. She has a dedicated wellness platform called Beauty Momme and is the CEO and founder of New Bloom Media.

In terms of content, this wellness influencer creates numerous product reviews on probiotics, CBD, body care, clean beauty, being a mom, and so much more.

She is an influencer dedicated to empowering and educating women on what they put in and on their bodies.

Most importantly?

Saarah has a passion for clean eating and natural beauty. She also holds an annual wellness and beauty retreat known as Bloom Summit.

In terms of collaborations, she partners with natural brands that run ambassador programs, host giveaways, and run ad placements.

6. Khrys Speed

Khrys Speed

Image via Instagram

If you’re looking for influencer-generated content that helps you convince audiences, you can partner with the renowned wellness influencer –  Khrys Speed.

He is a weightlifting and performance coach who helps weightlifters perfect their technique and form.

Currently, this wellness micro-influencer has over 9k followers but has managed to achieve so much, even with a modest following. The lifestyle content he shares features coaching and training videos that motivate his audience to workout more.

His collaborations also involve brands with products supporting weightlifting and keeping fit.

7. Dr. Deepika Chopra

Dr. Deepika Chopra

Image via Instagram

Dr. Deepika Chopra is a wellness influencer who specializes in evidence-based science and holistic practices. She helps corporations, couples, and clients cultivate a sense of lasting success, optimism, resilience, and happiness.

And why should you work with this visual imagery expert?

She is a wellness influencer who holds a doctorate in clinical health psychology, contributes to numerous publications, and partners as a media wellness expert with many brands.

This “optimism doctor” also has a website, Things Are Looking UP, and hosts a podcast known as Looking Up with Dr. Deepika Chopra.

However, just like with any other influencer marketing campaign you decide to run, you need to ensure that her content suits your brand when choosing to collaborate with her. Consider her audience and your planned influencer marketing cost before deciding to go ahead with the collaboration.

8. Joe Wicks

Joe Wicks

Image via YouTube

Joe Wicks is a wellness influencer who’s grown his following to over 4 million on Instagram and over 2 million on YouTube.

The Body Coach, as he refers to himself, also has a bestselling cookbook known as Lean In 15 and gets many people to sign up for his 90-day body transformation plan.

He also has a weekly podcast, The Joe Wicks Podcast, where his interviewees talk about their secrets to happiness and health.

His social feeds contain quality home workout videos that help his audience get happier, stronger, and healthier.

And as a wellness influencer, he works with brands that support physical activity in improving people’s quality of life.

9. Suzi Swope

Suzi Swope

Image via Pinterest

Suzi Swope is one of the wellness influencers who focuses on a cleaner and healthier lifestyle.

And as the founder and creator of Gurl Gone Green, she provides resourceful information on anything healthy, green, and clean. She also hosts a regular podcast where she interviews people living a clean lifestyle.

Her Pinterest page @gurlgonegreen offers tips and tricks on natural skincare routines, natural remedies, beauty, natural skincare routines, organic living, and holistic health.

She also reviews and works with brands that support a healthy lifestyle.

10. Alan Filauro

Alan Filauro

Image via Instagram

Alan Filauro is a wellness influencer who’s been working in the fitness industry for a while. The holistic lifestyle coach offers personal training, online coaching, and fitness consultations to people looking to live a healthy and happy lifestyle.

What’s more?

Alan Filauro is a wellness influencer who helps audiences identify their fitness goals. He then designs and guides them to follow exercise programs that fit their needs.

And in terms of collaborations?

Alan partners with brands in the physical wellness industry, and he uses his Instagram account, with 69k followers, to share voucher codes and ads on healthy living products too.

11. Anisa Benitez

Anisa Benitez

Image via TikTok

Anisa Benitez is a wellness influencer known for her No Starving Artist podcast that supports artists while helping them live healthy and successful lives. She is also an actor, entrepreneur, model, and speaker.

Before transitioning into a full-time content creator, she worked for iconic brands like YouTube Music, Google, Entertainment Weekly, and more.

Anita also runs a website called More by Her, a platform that speaks about the creative journeys of non-binary people and womxn shaping culture.

She partners with brands that advocate for all-around wellness.

12. Nyma Tang

Nyma Tang

Image via YouTube

Nyma Tang is one of the best wellness influencers and she seeks to empower women of color while also holding makeup manufacturers accountable.

She uses her YouTube channel, with over 1 million subscribers, to push for the inclusion of dark-skinned women into the beauty industry.

In her YouTube series, The Darkest Shade, Nyma reviews and tests beauty brand products to see if they work well for black-skinned women.

She also collaborates with beauty brands that promote inclusivity.


1. Who are some of the top wellness influencers?

Top wellness influencers include:

  • Melissa Wood – Tepperberg
  • Jerrelle Guy
  • Crosby Tailor
  • Erin Christ, RD
  • Saarah Wassel Samadani
  • Khrys Speed
  • Dr. Deepika Chopra
  • Joe Wicks
  • Suzi Swope
  • Alan Filauro
  • Anisa Benitez
  • Nyma Tang

2. What is a wellness influencer?

A wellness influencer inspires and guides people into gaining control of their emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing.

These are people who’ve nurtured huge followings on social platforms and use their accounts to share information, motivational messages, tips, and more.

Additionally, they could be entrepreneurs in the wellness industry seeking to inform audiences about their collaborations or wellness brands.

3. Who is the largest influencer in health and wellness?

The number one health and wellness influencer is Oprah Winfrey, with an audience of over 19 million.

4. How do you hire a wellness influencer?

Use these steps when hiring a wellness influencer:

  • Define your goals.
  • Carefully select the right social media channel to run your influencer campaign.
  • Identify potential candidates either by researching on social media or leveraging a platform like Get Hyped.
  • Choose one or several who match your values, goals, and target audience.
  • Reach out to them on preferred social platforms or via their agency.
  • Validate their legitimacy.
  • Communicate your expectations and responsibilities.
  • Agree on contract details.
  • Launch the campaign and consistently track campaign effectiveness and optimize.

5. How do you become a wellness influencer?

Follow these steps to become a wellness influencer:

  • Choose a niche. Do you want to focus on physical health, clean eating, nutrition, etc.?
  • Grow your audience by sharing engaging content on social platforms.
  • Become an expert in the niche you choose.
  • Reach out to sponsors and brands once you grow a following.
  • Become committed once you get a brand to work with, and don’t forget your values.

Choose a Wellness Influencer Who Drives Brand Growth

Partnering with a wellness influencer can help your brand create awareness, increase reach, and boost sales.

However, for good results, ensure that you choose an influencer with the same audience as your brand and whose content they would relate to. You should also be careful about your choice of social media platform and ensure that your audience has a presence on it.

Over to you now.

Which of these health and wellness influencers would suit your brand? Not sure? Well, Get Hyped has extensive experience working with brands and influencers in the health and wellness niche so you can contact us for help in driving results from your influencer campaign.

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