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Who exactly are we referring to when we say micro YouTube influencers?

Well, these folks are YouTubers who specialize in a specific niche and have 10K to 100K subscribers (broadly speaking, of course).

Micro YouTube influencers have a decent number of subscribers, enough to help your brand make an impact on a number of people. But these micro YouTube influencers also have a loyal and engaged audience, so they can genuinely spark interest with their followers to check out and even try your products.

This is the key advantage of micro influencers over mega influencers and celebrities—they typically get more engagement. And when compared to nano influencers, micro YouTube influencers have similar engagement rates with a much larger audience.

So why should you work with micro YouTube influencers?

Simply because influencer marketing on YouTube is effective and micro-influencers provide the perfect balance between reach, engagement, and price. If you want great results from your YouTube influencer marketing campaigns then working with micro YouTube influencers is an excellent approach to take.

In this post, you’ll find some of the best micro YouTube influencers from different niches that you can collaborate with including our reasoning why we selected them.

Let’s get started.

Top 8 Micro YouTube Influencers

While micro influencers on YouTube are impactful, finding the right ones for your business can be a challenge. Even if you use free and paid influencer search tools, it takes time, experience, and effort to find, vet, and connect with the right influencers.

That is why we have compiled a list of some of the best micro YouTube influencers that you can choose from, depending on your niche.

If your brand doesn’t fit into any of these categories, you can also opt for more generic lifestyle influencers or photographers to promote your brand. Or contact our team and we’ll put together a customized influencer list for you.

Let’s take a look at our top picks for micro YouTube influencers.

1. Payton Sartain

Niche: Lifestyle

YouTube Subscribers: 54.4K

Payton Sartain

If you’re looking for micro YouTube influencers who can practically promote just about any brand, then Payton is the right choice for you.

She talks about everything from health & fitness to home decor. She shares tidbits about her daily life and naturally fits product promotions into her videos.

This makes her a great choice for promoting your products in an authentic way for your influencer marketing campaigns.

2. Nicole Elise

Niche: Beauty

YouTube Subscribers: 80.4K

Nicole Elise

Nicole is a popular micro-influencer on YouTube in the beauty niche who shares makeup tutorials and beauty tips. Her followers trust her product recommendations and suggestions, making her a great fit for any beauty brand.

If you want to promote your products, ask her to review them or use them in a makeup tutorial. Apart from makeup products, she can also help you promote skincare, haircare, and fashion products.

3. AmazedByKay

Niche: Fashion & Lifestyle

YouTube Subscribers: 54.1K


AmazedByKay is a popular YouTube channel run by Kaylen Zahara. She is most famous for her fashion try-on hauls and is often seen reviewing fashion brands and giving product recommendations.

This makes her one of best top micro YouTube influencers for fashion brands to collaborate with and promote their products.

Kaylen also shares videos about haircare, skincare, and videos about her daily life. This makes her ideal for collaborations with beauty and lifestyle brands as well.

4. DeeJae 

Niche: Haircare and Fashion

YouTube Subscribers: 41.5K


Dee is a curly-haired YouTuber who loves sharing hair care tips for curly hair. She shares everything from product recommendations to what diet to follow to have healthy hair and skin.

Dee also creates videos on fashion hauls and beauty tips, making her an excellent choice for fashion and beauty brand partnerships. If you are looking for micro YouTube influencers to promote curly hair products, then she is a great option for you!

5. Well Plated

Niche: Food

YouTube Subscribers: 11.8K

Well Plated

Well Plated is a food-related YouTube channel run by the micro-influencer Erin Clarke. She uses her channel to share healthy and easy-to-make recipes for her audience.

Erine is a great choice for any food brand, especially the ones that focus on healthy foods. Collaborate with her to use your products in a recipe and you can organically reach her audience without seeming too promotional.

6. Noel Arevalo

Niche: Fitness and Fashion

YouTube Subscribers: 62.8K

Noel Arevalo

Noel is a fitness enthusiast who posts videos of different exercise routines and diets to follow to stay lean and healthy. But that’s not all!

She also posts fashion haul videos and brand recommendations for women’s clothing. Noel shares her travel adventures, gives dating advice, and creates videos about her daily life.

This makes her a truly unique YouTube influencer who can collaborate with fitness, food, fashion & lifestyle brands. In fact, her style is so natural and authentic that she can pretty much promote any brand by incorporating it into her lifestyle and videos.

7. Yoga Girl

Niche: Health & Wellness

YouTube Subscribers: 77.5K

Yoga Girl

Rachel Brathen, popularly known as Yoga Girl, lives with her family on the beautiful island of Aruba and is one of the most popular wellness influencers. Her YouTube videos mostly revolve around Yoga and meditation, either teaching a group of people or doing exercises herself.

Rachel also shares tidbits from her life in Aruba, her eating habits, cooking adventures, morning routine, and a lot more. So, in a way, she’s also a lifestyle influencer.

If your target audience comprises health-conscious people who believe in holistic wellness and not just workouts, then she is an awesome option for you. You can collaborate with her to promote all kinds of health and wellness products.

Rachel also travels quite a bit, so you could even invite her to stay at your property and promote it in exchange for a stay.

8. Omar Eltakrori

Niche: Photography

YouTube Subscribers: 28.3K

Omar Eltakrori

Omar’s channel is all about photography—tips, equipment guides, background & lighting, and more.

What makes Omar a great choice for influencer collaboration?

Well, simply because he can make any product look good with his photography skills.

You can hire him to do a product photoshoot and ask him to share behind-the-scenes footage of the shoot on his channel. Then, you can use the photographs on your website, social media channels, and even ads.

Working with a photographer provides dual benefits. He can promote your brand as an influencer and you can use his photographs of your products in myriad ways.


1. Who is considered a micro-influencer on YouTube?

Though the definition of a micro-influencer may vary, a common way to define them is—influencers with 1K to 100K followers. However, we would recommend you consider influencers with 10K+ followers to get more reach, reliability, and other benefits needed to run successful influencer marketing campaigns.

2. Where can I find micro YouTube influencers?

You can find micro YouTube influencers using one of the following methods:

  • Manual YouTube or Google search
  • Free or paid influencer search tools
  • By hiring an influencer marketing agency like Get Hyped
  • Through listicle posts on the best micro YouTube influencers

3. How much do micro YouTube influencers make?

Generally, YouTube influencers are paid according to their number of subscribers and average views per video. So, for one post, a YouTube influencer will get about $20 for every 1000 subscribers that they have assuming that they have average views on their channel.

However, more popular influencers tend to have their own influencer rate sheets and can charge much more than standard rates. You can, of course, negotiate with them and/or offer non-monetary compensation like free products if you don’t have the budget that they are requesting.

4. What is a macro influencer on YouTube?

Again, the definition can vary from one source to another as some say macro-influencers have 100K-1M followers while others divide it further into mid-tier influencers from 100K to 500K.

The definition does not matter much. What’s important is determining your needs for the partnership, irrespective of whether you work with a mid-tier influencer or a macro-influencer, so that your campaign is succesful.

5. Why should I partner with micro YouTube influencers?

Micro-influencers tend to have a comparatively smaller but more engaged audience than larger influencers. By collaborating with micro YouTube influencers you can reach their loyal audience and make an impact without breaking the bank.

Micro YouTube influencers can help you:

  • Reach a specific niche audience
  • Generate high-impact content
  • Spread awareness about your products
  • Create trust and credibility around your brand
  • Drive leads and conversions
  • Build a social community for your brand

Working with micro YouTube influencers has many benefits that can often be realized simultaneously. Choose from the above list of influencers and make your campaign a success!

Ready to Work with Micro YouTube Influencers?

Micro YouTube influencers can be an exceelent choice as they have both the reach and engagement required to make a campaign a success. If you choose a strong influencer in your niche, you can not only reach a specific target audience but also interest them enough to try your products.

The micro influencers on YouTube that are listed in this post are all authentic and popular creators who have collaborated with multiple brands and delivered solid results.

Take your pick from these different types of influencers and start planning your next YouTube influencer marketing campaign.

If you need help, just contact our team and we’d be happy to help you plan and execute your next influencer marketing campaign.

Dan Coughlin

Dan Coughlin

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