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Partnering with influencers of color in your marketing campaigns helps you tell a powerful brand story of inclusiveness.

By incorporating all the elements that make your customers unique, your marketing efforts are able to reach a broader audience and result in more awareness and conversions.

But that’s not all.

One of the factors that makes influencer marketing so powerful is its relatability.

By leveraging the connection between a community and an influencer, any mention of your product by the influencer will feel like a product recommendation from a trusted friend.

Take Dove, for example.

Their marketers are keen on working with influencers of color to make their business inclusive and relatable to all communities.

influencers of color

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influencers of color 2

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Among other reasons, this has led to its consistent growth globally.

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And you can easily do something similar with your business.

Here is a round-up of 10 of the best influencers of color who’ll add diversity to your influencer campaign and help you achieve your marketing goals.

10 Influencers of Color You Should Consider

What makes these 10 our favorite influencers of color? They are authentic, creative, and experts in their niche.

Let’s take a look at them.

1. Destiney LaVonia

Destiney LaVonia

Image Source: Instagram

Destiney is a lifestyle influencer with one mission—to help millennial women achieve their goals while also succeeding at motherhood.

She is one of the most powerful influencers of color and serves as an inspiration to many black women juggling motherhood and careers.

She has built Majoring in Motherhood, a diverse online community of women who want to live a more wholesome life.

Additionally, she has an influencer program for women who want to partner with the best brands out there.

Destiney is most active on Instagram and has partnered with brands like Else Nutrition and Poise.

2. Jalisa Vaughn


Jalisa Vaughn

Image Source: Instagram

A blogger and one of the most popular influencers of color in the lifestyle industry, Jalisa shows the beauty of motherhood through high-quality visuals with amazing backgrounds.

She also shares life updates, fashion hauls, beauty care routines for black women, and more on Instagram and her YouTube channel.

She has worked with companies like Sam’s Club and The Glad Products Company.

3. Toral Shah

Toral Shah

Image Source: Instagram

For all matters related to health, wellness, and nutrition, Toral Shah is one of the top influencers of color for the job.

She is a Nutritional Scientist with an MSc in Nutritional Medicine from the University of Surrey. She also has a talent for cooking.

In addition to fact-based nutrition tips and advice, she advises her followers to leverage exercise, rest, and a positive mental attitude to live healthier lives.

She’s partnered with St. Ewe’s Eggs and Gay Farmer Extra Virgin Oil. Toral is consistently active on Instagram, Facebook, and her website.

4. Ari Alvarez

Ari Alvarez

Image Source: Instagram

Ari is a lifestyle blogger and among the top influencers of color. She focuses on fashion and a bit of travel and home décor.

Additionally, she inspires women’s fashion by sharing pictures and entertaining videos on her feed showing her outfits for the day.

Her creative strategy has attracted partnerships with major brands like Walmart and Nordstrom.

Besides being active on her social media channels, Ari also frequently posts to her blog.

5. Nyma Tang

Nyma Tang

Image Source: Instagram

In her own words, Nyma Tang is “beauty-obsessed.”

Her content revolves around beauty routines for black women and reviews of popular beauty products. She also covers various topics in the fashion industry.

This has made her one of the most popular influencers of color with over 1.3 million YouTube subscribers and over 400,000 followers on Instagram.

She is also open about her dyslexia, which has landed her deals with companies like Google and NARS Cosmetics.

6. Nita Mann

Nita Mann

Image Source: Instagram

Nita is a bubbly personality and lifestyle blogger. She shares her life updates and stories on her family and travels using hilarious and creative pictures and videos.

She also shares content on home décor, cooking recipes, gift guides, and makeup tutorials.

Nita is active on Instagram and Facebook. She is consistent in blogging as well and helps her followers find the best deals and latest trends.

Through her extensive experience she’s had the opportunity to work with major brands like Nordstrom and GoDIVA.

7. Miss Enocha

Miss Enocha

Image Source: Instagram

Miss Enocha combines fashion, lifestyle, and travel to keep her social media and blog followers informed and entertained.

Her feed contains healthy and delicious recipes, self-care tips, beauty tips for black women, DIYs on fashion, and more.

Miss Enocha is an active Instagram influencer and is consistent in blogging. She also has experience working with brands like ZzzQuil and Botanical Origin.

8. Jane (Koko)

Jane (Koko)

Image Source: Instagram

Jane is a travel influencer and food blogger.

Her followers are treated to breathtaking backgrounds as she shares her travel adventures and latest recipe inventions.

She regularly shares reviews of restaurants in Austin, home décor, and personal life updates and stories and this makes her one of the best influencers of color.

Besides her site, she actively shares content on Instagram and Facebook. She has partnered with brands like Bonneval Waters US and Ellenos Yogurt among others.

9. Anjuli Mack

Anjuli Mack

Image Source: Instagram

One of the best fitness influencers of color, Anjuli Mack advocates body positivity and a healthy relationship with food, especially among women.

And how does she do that?

She shares content on body confidence, healthy meals, and inspiration for sustainable weight loss. She also gives consistent updates on her fitness journey.

Anjuli is active on Instagram and Facebook and has partnered with companies like Macro Mike and isupps for affiliate advertising programs.

10. Hendrick Famutimi

Hendrick Famutimi

Image Source: Instagram

Hendrick Famutimi is one of the finest influencers of color and he regularly debunks fitness myths and serves his followers with the hard truth.

He’s not afraid to tell it as it is.

He also shares self-care tips and gives updates on his relationship and parenting journey.

Hendrick is mainly active on Instagram and is one of the few black influencers who’ve worked with NOCCO UK. He’s also partnered with several other affiliate programs.


1. Who are some of the top upcoming influencers of color?

The top influencers of color who are making a difference include:

  • Destiney LaVonia
  • Jalisa Vaughn
  • Ari Alvarez
  • Nyma Tang
  • Nita Mann
  • Miss Enocha
  • Jane (Koko)
  • Toral Shah
  • Anjuli Mack
  • Hendrick Famutimi

2. Which brands partner with influencers of color?

There are tons of major brands that partner with influencers of color to promote greater diversity in their marketing, including:

  • Dove
  • Gatorade
  • Sephora
  • Pantene
  • Burberry

3. How do I choose the right micro influencer of color?

When choosing influencers of color to partner with for promoting your brand, consider:

  • How regularly do they share content?
  • How does their audience interact with their content?
  • Is the influencer from your niche?
  • Is their audience relevant to your brand?
  • Do they post consistently on Instagram and other related social media platforms?
  • Does their content seem genuine?
  • Does their audience appear authentic?

4. Who are influencers of color?

Influencers of color basically refers to influential people who are not considered white. Influencers of color can include:

  • African Americans
  • Asian Americans
  • Native Americans
  • Pacific Islander Americans
  • Latino Americans
  • Multiracial Americans

5. Why is it important to use influencers of color?

Influencers of color help your business reach a broader and more diverse market. Partnering with them also shows that your business cares about inclusivity and diversity.

Work with the Best Influencers of Color

It’s time to build a new culture of involving more influencers of color in your marketing campaigns.

Incorporating diversity in your influencer campaign tells a brand story of inclusivity.

And that’s why it’s important to work with the right people.

Reach out to us for a consultation to find the best influencers of color for your brand and take your campaigns to the next level!

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